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2018-02-21 | About online course

Main objective of the CLEEN project is the capacity building of local energy CSOs.

Therefore, specific training modules have been developed for the CLEEN project subgrantees of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia. The modules consist of three parts: NGO management, energy efficiency and policy work

Based on the topics of the modules 1 to 2 persons from 30 CSOs took part in face-to face participative trainings in the countries. Participation included performing homework, getting feedback and improving their work. All the training modules including a video of the different live presentations and sessions can be found in this section. The idea is that more staff of the organisations and other interested persons can follow the training. Also for those persons the questionnaire and the webinar is being part of the training and the CLEEN team will monitor the knowledge increase of the participants.

After completing all online courses, participants can get a certificate. For that, participants can contact us on facebook.

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