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2017-10-24 | CLEEN-news on energy efficiency from Ukraine

In Mykolayivs’ka region women are more interested in energy efficiency than men.

Such a conclusion comes to mind if we look at the results of АЕР consulting within CLEEN project. During half a year 196 women and 78 men turned for help in winterizing flats and private apartments, thermal imaging scheduling, energy audits and “warm credits”.

The participants of activities within the project were mostly women - 31 out of 47 total.

After we refreshed our material and technical resources with gas analyzer and candle power meter, we increased the number of issues we are able to consult on. We make test measurements of air characteristics and illuminance level for the customers to show them principles of functioning of these appliances and also to spread the word that we need to conserve energy properly.

Turn for details to:
Sergey Trandafil,
SPA "Economic support agency"
Voznesensk, str. Pushkinskaya, 3/35


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