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2017-09-19 | Questionnaires and monitoring in Mets Mantash village

Mets Mantash village is one of the northern villages of Shirak region that is having cold weather almost 9 months during the year. Taking into consideration the population has never had an opportunity to participate in projects that can help them with small advices how to build energy effeciency houses in the village and how to save energy saving money and recourses during these 9 months.

«Yeghvard» Youth Ecological NGO, Youth Energy Club of Mantash in corporation with «Development of human resouces of Aragatsotn region» is realizing CLEEN project in Mets Mantash village. The first activity of the project was questionaries that have been spread through all village and got information about the level of knowledge of the people how to save energy and start to think and calculate how much money they are spending for their houses. The members of Youth energy club were in the village filling the questionnaires in schools, hospitals, municipality, kindergardens and privat houses. The questionnaires were filling even just citizens who were interested what project is being implemented in the village. The results and analizes of questionnaires will be developed by the members of Youth Energy club and will be presented during reporting period.

Sirarpi Manyan,

President of "Yeghvard" youth ecologycal NGO

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