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July 11 - World population day

July 23 - World day of whales and dolphins

August 6 - World day for the prohibition of nuclear weapons

2017-06-15 | CLEEN energy has changed our lives

During the EU Sustainable Energy Week the CLEEN project will show the importance of energy efficiency and cost savings and the accountability of local and national authorities on this issue.

What: Press conference "CLEEN energy has changed our lives".

Where: Confederatie Bouw Lombardstraat 34-42, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

When: 21st of June, 13.30-15.30 pm.


Making local grass roots organisations stronger by working on energy efficiency

  • Introduction by Chantal Van den Bossche, WECF International;
  • Film by Ecoclub, Ukraine;
  • Presentation: CLEEN approach and success stories towards public participation and energy efficiency - by Katharina Habersbrunner, CLEEN/WECF;
  • Presentation "Energy cooperatives in Eastern Europe: Best practise, lessons learned" by Johanna Eichermueller, WECF;
  • Discussion about cooperatives to meet global obligations for gender equality like SDGs No 5 and cross-sectional functions and Lima-Work-Programme on Gender.


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