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2015-06-17 | Civil society Local Energy Efficiency Network (CLEEN)

The network CLEEN is promoting the development of a regional partnership of more than 30 civil society organizations in the four project countries Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The increase of energy efficiency as an important topic for the target regions is the main focus. 

Project description 

Through the establishment and the qualification of regional network partnerships, more than 30 civil society organizations get informed and trained about energy efficiency, energy saving possibilities, renewable energies and political work. WECF cooperates with long-term partners in the four project countries. The successful partnerships ensure the consideration of local requirements and a good organizational and content cooperation. A qualification program for the 30 environmental organizations prepares them, as best as possible, for the implementation of their own projects. 

Objectives of the qualification program 

The training of the environmental organizations is the basis for further program implementations and consists of 3 training modules that are carried out in the project countries with national and international experts. All training modules are available in Russian and English and can be used as an online tool at any time after the training. Over the 3-year project period, "webinars" and online discussions on concrete energy topics for participants of the program are held regularly. Upcoming questions of the participants can be discussed in detail with experts. National and international energy experts, including Katharina Habersbrunner (Beng e.V./Green City Energy/WECF) and Barbara Wittmann-Ginzel (Bayernergie e.V.) give their expertise as instructors.

The trainings contain the following contents:

• NGO management with topics such as strategy development, planning, financing, communication etc.,
• National and international climate and energy policies,
• Development of renewable energies in the project countries,
• The role of energy efficiency,
• Political work, cooperation between citizens, NGOs, municipalities and energy experts to plan and implement technical and financial possibilities of energy efficiency measures.

With this qualification concept, important actors in the project countries can improve and expand their network. This strengthens the awareness of energy efficiency and citizenship. In the next step, the multipliers can use their knowledge and experience to carry out concrete projects. They will influence the energy sector with participatory projects locally, regionally and nationally and will push forward the energy demand in the four countries. Western European partners and especially WECF significantly support the process with knowledge and experience.

Network activities

Through the exchange of knowledge and best practices, evaluation and the opportunity for citizen's participation, CLEEN provides structures for the transition to an efficient and sustainable energy economy:
• By the establishment and the qualification of regional network partnerships, civil society organizations are informed about the relevant topics. Mentoring, trainings and e-learning sessions help to implement energy efficiency projects, to participate in political processes and to take account of the legal framework.
• Sub-granting as a multiplier concept: Through indirect financial contributions by the main grantees, other organizations have the possibility to implement their own, local energy projects and to participate in political processes and help to shape them. Experienced partners accompany them.

Want to be a part of the network on energy efficiency - join our  CLEEN team! 

We invite you to join the international network of CLEEN! 

The CLEEN network can include representatives of public organizations working to improve energy efficiency, improve local energy policy, save energy, develop renewable energy sources and other areas related to climate protection and environmental protection. 

The advantages of working in the CLEEN network, the requirements for members and the procedure for joining the network in details can be found in the "Regulations on the membership of CLEEN"

More details about the mission, principals and activities of the CLEEN network in the Memorandum of Understanding



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