June 15 - World wind day

June 15 - Sustainable energy day

June 17 - World day to combat desertification and drought

June 29 - The day of the Danube

July 7 - Employee's day

2016-11-01 | The success story of the Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club

In every public organization's life, there comes a certain period when the team must make a decision : will they develop further professionally, or will they accept the fact, that in time, the organization will cease to exist. 

2016-10-31 | The trees are asking deputies for help


On October 30th during the City Council session the activists of eco-organisation “The Voice of Nature” in the symbolic “trees” costumes have appealed to the deputies with the requirement to take the actions that will higher the quality of green areas in Kamianske. According to the “Voice of Nature” the unprofessional work of communal and contractor companies are one of the main reasons for the decreasing number of green areas in the city.

2016-10-23 | Energy efficiency in Armenia



The European Union promotes secure, competitive, and sustainable energy in its member states. In 2015, the Framework Strategy for Energy Union was launched as one of the European Commission’s 10 Priorities. The aim of strategy is providing secure, sustainable, competitive, and affordable energy. The EU also supports the energy sector in its neighborhood.
The EU supports many projects in Armenia to ensure its commitment to sustainable energy development and to boost the country’s potential for renewable energy and energy security. The EU, together with its partners and the Government of Armenia, has long supported a large number of reforms and projects. Their aim is to help Armenian communities to take steps to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. The cooperation between the EU and Armenia aims to diversify energy resources in the country and make it less dependent on imported energy.
To highlight its strong partnership with Armenia in enhancing energy efficiency and renewable energy, the EU organized #EU4EnergyDays. From 26-29 September series of events were organized to highlight the impact of EU-funded renewable, alternative and sustainable energy programs that contribute to policy development and best practice exchange in Armenia. All of the events held had different topics and were attended by a wide range of beneficiaries and stakeholders.

2016-10-12 | Monitoring and shootings in Akhuryan and Mets Mantash villages

In this autumn sunny days Yeghvard NGO is actively working on the CLEEN 2016 project. This period was for the implementation of monitoring and shootings.

2016-10-12 | The project considered to be a long term one...

On 1st of August this year the Yeghvard Youth NGO with its partners started the implementation of the Project Cleen 2016 in Armenia.

2016-10-12 | The main purpose of the “CLEEN” project is to develop the capacity of the local CSOs who work in the energy efficiency field

In particular, local organizations will gain the knowledge and skills in order to understand the local situation regarding the energy consumption. As well as the analysis of the policy and the corresponding recommendations. 

To this end, special training modules were developed for the participants of the “CLEEN” project in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia. The modules consist of three parts : NGO management, energy efficiency and additional work with politicians. On the basis of the modules 1-2, there were in 30 people in total who participated in the full-time courses in each country. The courses included homework and its improvements based on feedback. After a completed training that took place in 2015, the project participants must pass a written exam and complete an oral survey in order to confirm their knowledge.

All training modules, as well as video presentations of the project trainings are to be found on the website. This is done in order to provide access to knowledge to other employees of the organization as well as the stakeholders who are interested. The “CLEEN” project team will make sure to increase the level of knowledge among the project participants.

After one completes the online course, participants will take an exam and receive a certificate after. To do so, anyone who is willing to apply should contact the Facebook page of "CLEEN" project : @cleenNET

2016-10-07 | The Sun is with us, in Our house

In October 4th, in collaboration with the Noyemberian Fine Arts School Armenian National YWCA in scope of CLEEN 2016 project implemented interactive lesson-action “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy”.

2016-10-06 | Noyemberian population motivation in terms of energy saving ideas.

Recently, Armenian National YWCA implemented “Round table” event on topic of  “ Energy efficiency and  renewable energy strategic planning for Noyemberyan community”.

2016-10-04 | CLEEN Network: Platform cooperation between grass roots organizations on energy efficiency

On September 19-21, 2016, WECF with her Georgian and Armenian partners organized a regional network meeting of grass roots organizations from Armenia and Georgia, working jointly on energy efficiency and climate change awareness as part of the CLEEN Program, funded by the European Union.

2016-10-03 | Developing by learning. What is Energy Cooperative?

The establishment of the CLEEN network is aimed not only to energy efficiency but it's a wide and high platform where the experience of your organization and region, whatever it can be, you can introduce to interested sides.

2016-10-01 | From virtual to practical

Since 2015 we are involved in CLEEN network and until recently the main communication and information on operations was virtual, through CLEEN website.

2016-09-25 | Why do we need energy sector monitoring in community

According to previous analysis in Noyemberyan community was revealed that there is a very low level of energy sector reform initiatives by community and its population. The population doesn’t want to abandon traditional methods. For most of them is very difficult to make changes in their thinking and actions which will improve their lifestyle due to use of energy efficiency.


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