April 26 - Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

April 29 - Day of planting trees

May 3 - The day of the sun

May 15 - International day of climate protection

May 22 - International day for biological diversity

2016-08-26 | Kamianske is ready to adapt to climate change

The environmental organization "Voice of Nature" has finished work on a plan of measures for adaptating Kamianske to climate change impacts. Measures envisaged in the plan are aiming primarily at expand local flooding areas, reducing thermal stress and protecting the city's green spaces. Kamianske is - one of the first cities in Ukraine, where a plan of measures for adaptation to climate change has drawn up.

2016-08-09 | Council members of Noyemberyan give importance to community energy strategy

On August 5 number 06 local council of Noyembeyan community took place. The session was chaired by the Mayor Vanush Amiraghyan. During that session community council member and prezident of National YWCA of Armenia Aida Zurabyan prezented CLEEN 2016 project aims and objectives.

2016-08-05 | Aida Zurabyan, the president of Armenian National YWCA, about CLEEN project

On July 26th 2016 I was honored to participate on meeting discussion with the established Armenian network NGOs in the framework of CLEEN /Civil society Local Energy Efficiency Network/ 2015-2016 at Eco Tapan NGO office, Yerevan.

2016-08-03 | Upcoming public discussion in Noyemberyan, Armenia

On August 4, 5PM, Armenian National YWCA will hold public discussion event in Chaplin cafe-club. 

2016-08-02 | The next meeting with CLEEN subgrantees in Armenia

On July 26, a regular meeting of five subgrantees and an expert of the CLEEN project was hosted in Yerevan, Armenia.

2016-08-01 | “Switch to the Sun” project has reached the Akunk village in Armenia

During the last 10 years environmental NGO “Tapan” has renovated and insulated the windows in 11 schools as part of the international educative project SPARE.

2016-07-21 | First working group meeting of “Yeghvard” NGO

‘’Yeghvard’’ youth-ecological NGO from Armenia has started the activities of the "CLEEN’’’ project. On 5th of July the first meeting of the project team was organized.

2016-06-13 | CLEEN coordination meeting in Batumi

Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5, WECF held a CLEEN coordination meeting in Batumi, back to back with the Environment for Europe Conference taking place later in the week in the Georgian sea side town.

2016-04-25 | Highlights of CLEEN in 2015 – A review in pictures

After launching the CLEEN project in January 2015, over 30 organizations cooperated in the last year in order to achieve our overall goal: building a partnership of CSOs in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to work together on energy efficiency. The involved partner organizations of WECF were highly active and a lot has been already done: from household surveys up to signing partnership memorandums with local authorities, from street actions to participation at high level conferences. Take a look at some selected highlights of 2015

2016-03-25 | CLEEN winners for 2016 announced!

15 sub-grantees have been selected to implement small projects in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
The organizations have been picked out of 28 CSOs trained in 2015 within the CLEEN Mentoring Programme.
It was a very hard race, as there were a lot of promising proposals. But finally the selection committee did agree on 15 ones based on the criteria set: projects should aim at promotion of energy efficiency through intensive cooperation with local authorities and establishment of regional partnership.


2016-03-08 | Succesful media outreach on sustainable energy issues in Ukraine

Subgrantees in the CLEEN project: From energy audits in kindergartens to round tables in youth development clubs.

2016-02-26 | Round table on "Energy, environment and social stability" in Nikolaev

On February 24, a round table on "Energy, environment and social stability" took place in Nikolayev under the CLEEN project (Civil society Local Energy Efficiency Network), which met the eco-activists, government representatives and civil society organizations from all over the Mykolaiv region. The event was organized with the assistance of NGO "Sustainable Development Club South initiative" in cooperation with NGO "Save the world".


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