June 15 - World wind day

June 15 - Sustainable energy day

June 17 - World day to combat desertification and drought

June 29 - The day of the Danube

July 7 - Employee's day

2017-03-03 | In Ukraine one more revolving fund is being established at the initiative of CLEEN members!

One more locality in Mykolaiv Region is going to introduce revolving fund scheme to implement energy-efficient measures in apartment buildings!

2017-03-02 | 100% solar energy for monasteries of Georgia

A Georgian NGO “Gamarjoba” which is a member of the CLEEN network started together with Сlimate Action Network a project „100% renewable energy to monasteries of Georgia”. The goal of the project is to elaborate a program that will solve the problem of energy supply of two monasteries, a male, and a female, which are located in remote mountainous regions of Georgia.

2017-02-27 | CLEEN advances Ukrainian activists in 2016!


Winter is coming to an end and in anticipation of a fresh and bright spring we want to share with you a few stories that inspire us, the stories of our friends and colleagues in the implementation of the CLEEN project.

2017-01-31 | Energy cooperatives in USA

For more than 10 years cooperation in EU is used to solve local problems in the energy sector as a method of cost and co-financing of projects. Europeans have long understood the need to transition to clean energy sources and increasing rates of actively using the cooperative form of business.

2017-01-02 | UN's climate conference is officially over - but there is a lot left to do!


WECF (Women Engaged for a Common Future) - one of CLEEN co-applicants - reflects on the outcomes of UN’s international climate conference, the COP22 in Marrakesh.

2016-12-28 | Participants’ feedback on energy saving trainings in Khmelnytskyi


For the second year, the NGO “Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club” has been working on improving local energy efficiency policies in Khmelnytskyi within the framework of the CLEEN project. In 2016, activists made a great effort in the areas of education on energy saving and cooperation with educational institutions. In particular, a collection of trainings on energy education for educational institutions was issued, and a School of municipal energy management was conducted at educational institutions.

2016-12-27 | Environmental activists come up with an idea of opening a Center for sustainable development of Poltava region (Ukraine)


Environmental activists come up with an idea to open a Center for sustainable development of Poltava region. In partnership with an international Hungarian NGO, the project will allow to launch energy efficient measures. In particular, by writing plans and getting support of European experts. However, the idea sounds rather like a dream at the moment because of the lacking support of Poltava residents.
Next year, it is planned to create a Center for sustainable development – an organization that will help implement energy efficiency measures both in the city and region. The idea is supported by Hungarian activists.

2016-12-19 | Mourning ribbons appear on the streets of Kamianske few weeks before the New Year's Eve

On December 17th, activists of the environmental organization "The Voice of Nature" held a symbolic action "The trees of Kamianske want to live", during which mourning ribbons were tied on the mutilated trees of the Romanova Street.

2016-12-09 | Seminars in Shirak Region: comprehensive information to community active members

“Yeghvard” Youth Ecological NGO with its partners on 1st of August this year started the implementation of ProjectCleen 2016 in Armenia. Dedicated to the Energy Efficiency, the project is amid to promote the idea of renewable energy and energy efficiency mechanisms.

2016-12-09 | Plan for sustainable development of energy sector is being elaborated in Kamianske


The special working group in Kamianske (Dniprodzerzhynsk) has started the elaboration of Plan for Sustainable Development of Energy Sector in frames of European Initiative “Covenant of Mayors”. Implementation of this plan requires the achievement of following targets in municipal sphere: reduction of CO2-emissions by 20%, reduction of energy consumption by 20%, increase of renewable energy share by 20%.

2016-12-07 | New approaches, by new elected local authorities

For the CLEEN project’s summing up purpose Armenian National YWCA on 29th of November organized a conference.

2016-12-02 | Warm yourself up in the frosty period! “Gamarjoba” reminds about energy efficiency

“Warm yourself up in the frosty period!” – with such slogan the activists of NGO “Gamarjoba” have met the first day of winter. Ecologists have reminded the citizens about the importance of house insulation. Tbilisi inhabitants were taught the right way to warm themselves up in cold winter – activists have presented the methods of correct insulation and explained the importance of energy saving.


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