June 15 - World wind day

June 15 - Sustainable energy day

June 17 - World day to combat desertification and drought

June 29 - The day of the Danube

July 7 - Employee's day

2017-07-13 | Going on a press tour to Novi Sanzhary, where parks and lilac trees replaced garbage dumps

On July 10, CLEEN project participants from EKOLTAVA NGO (Poltava, Ukraine) went on their third press tour. This time, accompanied by the media representatives, the activists visited Novi Sanzhary, a small town and a district centre located in the picturesque Poltava region, Ukraine.

2017-07-10 | Colaborare to attract more interested parties and partners

This year, Colaborare, an NGO from Moldova, has been working hard to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy among local people and public authorities. Following a number of rounds of negotiations with the leader of Yedinetskiy district, local authorities have become interested parties and partners to the project. As a result of fruitful cooperation, one of district administration departments hired an energy manager.

2017-07-10 | Youth energy clubs in Shirak region

”From 03-07th of July “Yeghvard” youth ecological NGO have implemented "Youth energy clubs" seminar, seminar was the main activity of CLEEN project that is being implementing since 01 of April. The seminar involved 15 participants from Akhuryan, Mets Mantash and Saralangh villages of Shirak region.

2017-07-03 | Ukraine striving for energy independence!

CLEEN project participants from Ukraine – the Voice of Nature NGO, EcoLtava and Kremenchuk Nature Conservation Society took part in the national information tour titled “Energy Independence is Our Shared Interest!”.

2017-06-15 | CLEEN energy has changed our lives

During the EU Sustainable Energy Week the CLEEN project will show the importance of energy efficiency and cost savings and the accountability of local and national authorities on this issue.

2017-06-12 | Climate change talks: energy efficiency and ambition

Gamarjoba NGO’s (CLEEN member from Georgia) leader Olga Podosenova took part in the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (Germany). Together with Ecodefense team she worked on publishing a Russian-newsletter for observers during the negotiations #Below 2.
By the time the May Talks began in Bonn, the Paris Agreement had been ratified by 145 of 197 members of the UNFCCC.

2017-05-24 | Revolving fund to work in Domanivka township!

On May 16, during the meeting with representatives of two condominiums from Domanivka township (Ukraine), the representatives from the “Agency for Economic Development” and local authorities came up with the Programme concept and the major requirements. Later on, a competitive tender for the condominiums intended to get the reimbursable financial assistance will be announced.

2017-05-18 | Feasibility study of gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova

This in an overview of the feasibility of gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova. In each country, existing national climate and energy policies are examined and, if existing, feed-in tariffs for renewable energy are explained.

2017-05-10 | Snowfall in April: yet another climate change alert

Snowfall in April appeared to be another climate change alert that brought into sharp focus the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the new climate conditions. According to the Voice of Nature environmental organization, snowfall in the middle of spring was a clear illustration of climate change effects.

2017-04-04 | Earth Hour with Ecoclub 2017

During the Earth Hour party, ecologists urged people to save energy and protect the environment every day. Activists shared their best practices on energy efficiency, told why people throughout the globe switch of the electricity for one hour, and made a presentation of Rivne region rich in natural recourses.

2017-04-04 | Get involved to protect the Earth’s climate!

March 25-26, 2017, Kamianske (former Dneprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine) hosted a number of awareness raising events dedicated to the Earth Hour and lead by the Voice of Nature environmental organization. Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) that started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia.

2017-03-22 | A seminar on civic activism has taken place in Kamianske

On February 27-28, 2017, the organization The Voice of Nature (“Golos Prirody”) conducted a seminar on civic activism in Kamianske (Dniprodzerzhynsk) with the aim of improving community leaders’ and activists’ proficiency level.


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