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April 22 - Earth day

April 26 - Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

April 29 - Day of planting trees

May 3 - The day of the sun

May 15 - International day of climate protection

2017-05-18 | Feasibility study of gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova

This in an overview of the feasibility of gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova. In each country, existing national climate and energy policies are examined and, if existing, feed-in tariffs for renewable energy are explained. Further, the energy supply and gender aspects are explored, with a focus on rural communities. The country-specific legal framework for (energy) cooperatives is summed up, followed by an overview of existing cooperatives in the countries.

2017-05-10 | Snowfall in April: yet another climate change alert


Snowfall in April appeared to be another climate change alert that brought into sharp focus the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the new climate conditions. According to the Voice of Nature environmental organization, snowfall in the middle of spring was a clear illustration of climate change effects.

2017-04-04 | Earth Hour with Ecoclub 2017

During the Earth Hour party, ecologists urged people to save energy and protect the environment every day. Activists shared their best practices on energy efficiency, told why people throughout the globe switch of the electricity for one hour, and made a presentation of Rivne region rich in natural recourses.

2017-04-04 | Get Involved to Protect the Earth’s Climate!

March 25-26, 2017, Kamianske (former Dneprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine) hosted a number of awareness raising events dedicated to the Earth Hour and lead by the Voice of Nature environmental organization. Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) that started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. Since 2008, the Earth Hour campaign has become the global event, with more and more cities in different countries joining it every year. In Kamianske, the Earth Hour is held since 2009. You can find out more about the Earth Hour on the WWF website.

2017-03-22 | A Seminar on Civic Activism Has Taken Place in Kamianske


On February 27-28, 2017, the organization The Voice of Nature (“Golos Prirody”) conducted a seminar on civic activism in Kamianske (Dniprodzerzhynsk) with the aim of improving community leaders’ and activists’ proficiency level. As part of the seminar such trainings took place: “The public and the government: prospects and opportunities for cooperation,” “The police: an ally of social activists,” “Funding sources for community service. Guidelines for grant applications.” Activists from the following NGOs and political organizations participated in the trainings: The Voice of Nature, FRI Gin (the Kamianske chapter of the all-Ukrainian youth NGO Foundation of Regional Initiatives (FRI), Self Help (Samopomich), Right Sector (Pravyi Sektor), and others.

2017-03-03 | In Ukraine one More Revolving Fund Is Being Established at the Initiative of CLEEN Members!

One more locality in Mykolaiv Region is going to introduce revolving fund scheme to implement energy-efficient measures in apartment buildings! 



A Georgian NGO “Gamarjoba” which is a member of the CLEEN network started together with Сlimate Action Network a project „100% renewable energy to monasteries of Georgia”. The goal of the project is to elaborate a program that will solve the problem of energy supply of two monasteries, a male, and a female, which are located in remote mountainous regions of Georgia.

2017-02-27 | CLEEN advances Ukrainian activists in 2016!


Winter is coming to an end and in anticipation of a fresh and bright spring we want to share with you a few stories that inspire us, the stories of our friends and colleagues in the implementation of the CLEEN project.

2017-01-31 | Energy cooperatives in USA

For more than 10 years cooperation in EU is used to solve local problems in the energy sector as a method of cost and co-financing of projects. Europeans have long understood the need to transition to clean energy sources and increasing rates of actively using the cooperative form of business.

2017-01-02 | UN's climate conference is officially over - but there is a lot left to do!


WECF (Women Engaged for a Common Future) - one of CLEEN co-applicants - reflects on the outcomes of UN’s international climate conference, the COP22 in Marrakesh.

2016-12-28 | Participants’ feedback on energy saving trainings in Khmelnytskyi


For the second year, the NGO “Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club” has been working on improving local energy efficiency policies in Khmelnytskyi within the framework of the CLEEN project. In 2016, activists made a great effort in the areas of education on energy saving and cooperation with educational institutions. In particular, a collection of trainings on energy education for educational institutions was issued, and a School of municipal energy management was conducted at educational institutions.

2016-12-27 | Environmental activists come up with an idea of opening a Center for sustainable development of Poltava region (Ukraine)


Environmental activists come up with an idea to open a Center for sustainable development of Poltava region. In partnership with an international Hungarian NGO, the project will allow to launch energy efficient measures. In particular, by writing plans and getting support of European experts. However, the idea sounds rather like a dream at the moment because of the lacking support of Poltava residents.
Next year, it is planned to create a Center for sustainable development – an organization that will help implement energy efficiency measures both in the city and region. The idea is supported by Hungarian activists.


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