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2017-10-17 | The CLEEN project ends, but joint activities continue

The CLEEN project for three years of activity led to the creation of a network of experienced public organizations involved in local energy policies, primarily energy efficiency. The organizations continue to work together by launching the first public assessment in Eastern Europe of action plans for sustainable energy development of cities.

2017-09-19 | Questionnaires and monitoring in Mets Mantash village

Mets Mantash village is one of the northern villages of Shirak region that is having cold weather almost 9 months during the year. Taking into consideration the population has never had an opportunity to participate in projects that can help them with small advices how to build energy effeciency houses in the village and how to save energy saving money and recourses during these 9 months.

2017-08-31 | Launch of the project in Mets Mantash

And the start of our project in Mets Mantash is done. The head of the project Suzanna Petrosyan have met with the interested people , major and city council of Mets Mantash. Suzanna has represented the project activities and the plane of realization in the village. The representatives of different sphere express their willingness to be part of the project and get involved in the activities of the project.

2017-08-23 | Where one should find partners and finances for projects?

In three days civil society activists of Poltava region and adjacent regions have elaborated ideas for cooperation and learned to receive financing to make them real. From 27th to 29th of July, 2017 the educational training named “Steps to efficient activism” was being held in Ukraine’s pottery capital – urban village Opishnya.

2017-07-19 | The successes of Moldavian organizations in the framework of the CLEEN for 2016

In 2016, NPO Renastera Rurala and NPO Crio Inform worked together in 3 districts (Briceni, Criuleni and Dubossary) at municipal and district levels to implement the energy management system, carry out the awareness raising campaign and trainings.

2017-07-19 | The successes of Georgian organizations in the framework of the CLEEN for 2016

Youth Centre Akhaltsikhe and NGO Mezguri (common initiative). Akhaltsikhe, Georgia

YCA and Megzuri made a Memorandum for Cooperation with Akhaltsikhe city council, carried out the monitoring of the local budget and made recommendations concerning energy efficiency costs.

2017-07-19 | The successes of Armenian organizations in the framework of the CLEEN for 2016

AYRUDZY (Spitak, Armenia)

Ayrudzy has become Spitak city council’s partner in the development and implementation of SEAP (Sustainable energy action plan), entered into cooperation agreement for training of energy managers, successfully developed the Basic Training Programme, and trained 8 qualified energy managers.

2017-07-14 | Raising the Energy Efficiency Awareness: EU Sustainable Energy Week in Voznesensk

19-24 June, Voznesensk hosted the EU Sustainable Energy Week. This year’s event is not the first one held in town. For years, it has been gathering numerous participants and activists interested in energy efficiency technologies.

2017-07-13 | Going on a press tour to Novi Sanzhary, where parks and lilac trees replaced garbage dumps

On July 10, CLEEN project participants from EKOLTAVA NGO (Poltava, Ukraine) went on their third press tour. This time, accompanied by the media representatives, the activists visited Novi Sanzhary, a small town and a district centre located in the picturesque Poltava region, Ukraine.

2017-07-10 | Colaborare to attract more interested parties and partners

This year, Colaborare, an NGO from Moldova, has been working hard to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy among local people and public authorities. Following a number of rounds of negotiations with the leader of Yedinetskiy district, local authorities have become interested parties and partners to the project. As a result of fruitful cooperation, one of district administration departments hired an energy manager.

2017-07-10 | Youth energy clubs in Shirak region

”From 03-07th of July “Yeghvard” youth ecological NGO have implemented "Youth energy clubs" seminar, seminar was the main activity of CLEEN project that is being implementing since 01 of April. The seminar involved 15 participants from Akhuryan, Mets Mantash and Saralangh villages of Shirak region.

2017-07-03 | Ukraine striving for energy independence!

CLEEN project participants from Ukraine – the Voice of Nature NGO, EcoLtava and Kremenchuk Nature Conservation Society took part in the national information tour titled “Energy Independence is Our Shared Interest!”.


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