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2016-02-26 | Round table on "Energy, environment and social stability" in Nikolaev

On February 24, a round table on "Energy, environment and social stability" took place in Nikolayev under the CLEEN project (Civil society Local Energy Efficiency Network), which met the eco-activists, government representatives and civil society organizations from all over the Mykolaiv region. The event was organized with the assistance of NGO "Sustainable Development Club South initiative" in cooperation with NGO "Save the world".

The main purpose of the event was to unite the efforts for the implementation of projects aimed at solving environmental problems.

"In our time, the environment and energy issues play an important role, as the careless attitude to the environment and the inefficient use of natural resources leads to a deterioration of the ecosystem in Nikolaev and the Nikolaev region, Ukraine and the world as a whole. Therefore, the issue should be taken seriously as humanity completely depends on nature. Save the environment - humans can survive", commented the activists.

During the round table many issues were discussed, relating to the environment and energy efficiency, but also a healthy lifestyle.

The CLEEN project was presented by Victor Sikalenkom, chairman of the NGO "Sustainable Development Club South initiative". Participants learnt about the project objectives and achievements of the organization in its first year of implementation.




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