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2016-02-02 | In the focus of environmentalists - the important state processes

From 3 to 6 December, 2015 activists of the "Voice of Nature" took part in the training for the organizations that are trying to initiate and support the implementation of energy saving measures in their localities. Training on "Monitoring of policy and state budget" was held NGO "Ecoclub" (Rivne) under the Partnership Cooperation project CLEEN («energy efficiency: the creation of coalitions in the field"). The training was attended by 10 companies from Ukraine and Moldova 6. The training sessions were held to explain the important processes in the Ukrainian society, namely the decentralization of power, adoption of new laws to encourage energy efficiency.

 According to "The Voice of Nature" environmental NGOs should be used as efficiently as possible, which provide the positive changes in recent years to reduce pollution and increase energy independence.

The decentralization of power will be a serious test for the Ukrainian society

When public work is carried out without an understanding of the processes taking place in society, it becomes incomprehensible for ordinary people, and for the authorities. That's why community organizations need to take into account changes that are taking place in policy and legislation. To tell the activists about the specifics of local authorities, sources of formation and expenditure of the local budget, as well as the role of NGOs in the process of decentralization of power, was invited to the training deputy of the Rivne City Council 3 cadences, Sergey Bogdanovich Paladiychuk. During his speech, Sergey Bogdanovich drew listeners' attention on the importance of building constructive dialogue and working relationship between social activists and the government. Very often, social activists and government officials perceive the power of hostile, ready to criticize, but are not able to make counter-proposals and cooperate. In such an atmosphere it is impossible to build a partnership cooperation, which makes it impossible to defend the interests of citizens and to influence decisions. Decentralisation significantly expands the powers of local authorities and provides new opportunities for cooperation with non-governmental organizations, such as environmental issues and energy conservation, and other areas.

 "Ukraine is making only the first steps towards decentralization of power, and we must understand that we do not immediately see the positive results of this process, as officials and citizens for a long time lived in a country where all life is very restricted, and decisions are made exclusively" top-down ". The first steps are always very difficult to do, it means that there will be many difficulties. At this point it will be easy to criticize the government, but I propose to focus its attention not on confrontation, but on partnership cooperation, - said the deputy of the Rivne City Council Sergei Paladiychuk. - Decentralization opens up great opportunities community activists, it is important to take advantage of these opportunities. "

 In Ukraine, including the "green light" for energy efficiency

In 2015, Ukraine adopted a number of laws that can be used to promote projects on energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, including the law about ESCO (, and the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency until 2020. To new mechanisms and tools to improve energy efficiency will have started to yield results, it is very important to support public organizations. At the training, representatives of the Rivne organization "Ecoclub" told where to begin to conduct local campaigns on energy saving and sharing of successful experiences of other cities. Ekoklubovtsy believe that you should start with the preparation of the energy balance of the settlement (the structure of consumption of different types of energy) and analyze consumers. It helps to understand where local authorities can actually reduce energy consumption, reduce energy loss and ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

 "Today, when Ukraine adopted the real tools to promote projects on energy efficiency, public organizations, it is important to intensify its work with the population and the authorities. We can initiate and personally participate in informational campaigns, the development of the local papers and even the creation of special funds ", - explained Dmitry Sakalyuk, project coordinator for energy efficiency organization" Ecoclub. "

Training on "Monitoring the policy and the state budget" - this is the third event, which makes the organization "Ecoclub" for the project participants CLEEN («Energy efficiency: the creation of coalitions in the field") in order to improve their professional and organizational level. The first training was held in July 2015 in the framework of the eco-camp activists «Energizer Camp», the second - in September 2014 in Moldova, the third - in December 2015 in the Carpathians. CLEEN project funded by the European Union, in its implementation, there are about 30 public organizations from Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine.

Author: Eugene Kolishevsky / DOEO "Voice of Nature"

Photo: Michael Vakolyuk


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