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2015-10-19 | “The Price of Electricity, Gas and Other Energy Sources is Rising Day by Day”

Sub-grant organization Yeghvard holds press conference on WECF’s energy project CLEEN

On 22 August 2015, a press conference on WECF’s energy project CLEEN was held at Press Club Zarkerak, by sub-grant organization Yeghvard. Speakers at the conference were Yeghvard president Sirarpi Manyan, CLEEN project coordinator Levon Igityan, and press officer Lilit Baghdasaryan.

Armenia’s energy production is about 2.6 times higher than the average indicators in the European Union. The country also has numerous resources of virtually all types of renewable energy plus an untapped potential for saving energy in buildings. 

Yeghvard conducted a survey in the Akhurian community and found that gas and wood were the main energy sources used. None of the interviewed households mentioned using renewable energy from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water, biomass and geothermal energy.

The objective of CLEEN is to provide the NGOs from Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Armenia the necessary knowledge on saving energy and energy policy, to increase their participation in the respective decision-making and political discourse, and to monitor the governments’ relative actions. 

CLEEN project coordinator Levon Igityan: "We stress the importance of the project as the price of electricity, gas and other energy sources is rising day by day, and the energy efficiency of any industrial sector simply means using less energy to produce the same product or to produce more products with the same amount of energy use. The energy required per unit of product is reduced, resulting in money savings."


Levon Igityan planned four workshop trainings to take place before 2016. This phase is aimed at creating a regional cooperation network between the NGOs of the four aforementioned countries.

The project is funded by WECF, the European Union, youth environmental NGO "Yeghvard", Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA), and Community Social Development Centre “Akhaltsikhe”. Project partners are the "Armenian PR Association", scientific organization "Akhurian", youth NGO "Ark" and  “Ecoclub".



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