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2019-11-25 | Energy plan for Kutaisi: from firewood to renewables

“It is more expedient for the municipality to support the installation of energy-efficient appliances for vulnerable people instead of subsidies for paying for energy resources”  - NGO “Gamarjoba” presents an Analysis of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the city of Kutaisi. The preparation of the document is carried out as part of the project “Public Participation in the Implementation of an Ambitious Climate Policy”, which is implemented by the participants of the #CLEEN network in Ukraine and Georgia with the support of the Global Greengrants Fund and

The Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) of Kutaisi developed in 2014. This document and implementation have become the subject of study by the NGO Gamarjoba, as instrument for achieving the global international climate goal of the Paris Agreement - to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees.

“If society sets goals to reduce energy consumption, then the SEСAP is the“ road map ”of the cities of the world for moving towards these goals, - said Olga Podosenova, head of Gamarjoba. - Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development and Climate for Kutaisi (such a large and significant city of Georgia) is very positive fact and important step for the development of the city and the global climate situation.”

According to environmentalists, the fact is indicative: some of the residents of Kutaisi (same in other settlements of Georgia) use firewood. This is 21st century! In this regard, the activities within the framework of the Sustainable Energy Development Plan acquire a special sound - energy saving measures can reduce the financial costs of energy resources while increasing the level of comfort in residential buildings.

A huge plus of Kutaisi SECAP, according to Gamarjoba, is the activity of the Kutaisi municipality in the direction of renewable energy and the obligation to reach 100% renewable energy by the year 2050. “However, I would like declarations of intent to be accompanied by more specific plans and activities, - environmentalists write. - The stages of implementation of the monitoring system for energy consumption by municipal houses should be determined, and programs to stimulate the population to implement energy-efficient measures and the installation of renewable energy sources should be implemented.”

As the analysis conducted by the Gamarjoba showed, the most effective actions of the Kutaisi SECAP in terms of the ratio of financial investments and the effect on reducing CO2 emissions are precisely renewable energy projects.

Among the Gamarjobas recommendations to the Kutaisi Municilapity: the creation of a department, which will deal with energy management and sustainable development. In the city budget it is necessary to clearly separate the activities for the implementation of the SECAP and Renewable energy.

According to environmentalists, it is necessary to integrate energy efficiency criteria and the development of renewable energy sources in other areas of development and the economy of the city. For example, to include improving energy efficiency in measures of social support for those in need - instead of subsidies for energy consumption for vulnerable people, install energy-efficient equipment. To start the fight against energy poverty: given that the residential sector is one of the largest sources of emissions, to offer the population alternatives to the use of firewood, to develop measures that would stimulate an increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy among the population.

NGO  “Gamarjoba” also recommends revising the feasibility of measures in the SECAP: reduce the number of activities that with large funding do not give significant results emissions reduction, but provide for more activities with little funding and a significant effect in CO2 emissions reduction.


The full text of the report in Russian

The text of the report in Georgian


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