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2019-09-19 | Dust against the sun in Kamianske (Ukraine)

In Ukraine, in the cities that signed the Covenant of Mayors European Initiative, from September 9 to 15 took place Sustainable Energy Days. In Kamianske (formerly Dneprodzerzhynsk), on the initiative of NGO Voice of Nature public, during the Days of Sustainable Energy campaign, the following events were organized: the School for the Young Climate Expert, training, lectures in educational institutions, and the Charge on the Energy of the Sun campaign.

From the very first days of the signing of the Covenant of Mayors, Voice of Nature has been actively participating in local government events aimed at raising citizens' awareness of issues related to sustainable energy consumption, as well as fulfilling voluntary commitments.

The idea to prepare a team of young climate experts in Kamianske was born in early 2019 during the preparation for the international Earth Hour action. The essence of the idea is to expand the reach of the target audience in the school environment, among which the Voice of Nature organization carries out information work. During the training School of the Young Climate Expert, Voice of Nature activists familiarize children with thematic presentations and teach the rules of lecturing. The composition of the team of the first young experts is still small, but the reading of test lectures proved that this idea is promising. Students of gymnasium No. 39 became the most active participants in this experiment.

During the street rally “Charge with the energy of the Sun”, which took place on September 14, 2019, the Voice of Nature organization invited passersby to familiarize themselves with recommendations for sustainable energy consumption, as well as recharge their mobile phone or other equipment from the solar panel. The booklet “5 Important Tips on Implementing Energy Saving Activities” was prepared as part of the CLEEN project (“Energy Efficiency: Building Local Coalitions”), it contains recommendations and answers to frequently asked questions about energy efficiency in everyday life. The electronic version of the booklet can be downloaded on the website: Also, during the course of the project, a solar panel, a battery and a current converter were purchased to popularize renewable energy. According to the Voice of Nature, dirty air in industrial cities can create additional difficulties for promoting renewable energy. During the “Charge with the Energy of the Sun” campaign, the solar panel had to be dusted twice. Industrial dust (iron oxide, graphite, etc.) may well reduce the efficiency of both solar panels and wind generators.

“In the Kamensky townspeople, who are trying to independently install and operate solar panels and wind generators, they complain that dirty air has a bad effect on the efficiency of the equipment. If this is indeed the case, then experts who assess the potential of renewable energy in Ukraine should take this negative factor into account. Due to weak environmental control by the state and local governments, the problem of industrial air pollution has become urgent in Ukraine for all industrial cities, ”, said Yevgeny Kolishevsky, executive director of the Voice of Nature public organization.

*Sustainable Energy Days campaign is held annually in cities participating in the European Covenant of Mayors initiative. The parties to the agreement (the local city government) make voluntary commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save electricity, increase the share of renewable energy, and raise public awareness of the rules for sustainable energy consumption. In Ukraine, more than 40 cities have joined the Covenant of Mayors European Initiative. The city of Kamenskoye signed an agreement in 2015.

Posted by Evgeny Kolishevsky, Executive Director of Voice of Nature

Contact phone: 067 681 13 16

Photo: Julia Grigorenko


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