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2019-09-13 | The best climate toast: the result of the competition!

Georgia ends voting for the best climate toast. The competition for feasting “climate” speeches was organized by the NGO Gamardzhoba as part of the CLEEN network project with the support of NATURSTROM and GLS Treuhand funds.

About a thousand people voted for the best and most instructive toast on climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Many texts were rated as worthy. The winner received about 200 votes.

In the list from which you could choose one toast you liked - 21 essays. Among them are toasts in Georgian and Russian. Renewable energy, energy efficiency - this is what the future of the inhabitants of sunny Georgia is impossible without - this idea can be traced in all creative texts invented by the inhabitants of Georgia.

"We wanted to include Georgian people's creativity in the direction of an ecological worldview, to create understandable images and messages on climate topics for everyone," - says Olga Podosenova from Gamardzhoba. - "We wanted to draw the attention of the residents of Georgia to the topics of energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change, to make us think about it. And it worked out."

For Georgians, a toast is a small prayer for life: for health, prosperity, gratitude, a dream and hope for the future. At the time of making a toast, Georgians talk about what is not always possible to say in the hustle and bustle of life. True Georgian toast is distinguished by sublimity and sincerity, it incorporates the wisdom of centuries and the sparklingness of the moment. Climate change is a topic that concerns everyone today. We inextricably connect all our hopes for our prosperous life and the future of our children with a favorable environment and peace.

A few days ago, the winner of the contest - the author of the most “popular” toast will be awarded with a solar-powered charger. And the best 20 toasts will be included in the collection “FOR WORTHY CLIMATE, GENATSVAL!”, which will be released in Russian and Georgian.


Finding himself at death, the father left an equal inheritance to his sons. The older one bought a new car, the middle one spent money on entertainment, and the younger one, remaining in the old house, bought a solar battery so as not to pay for electricity and save some money. Time passed, the older brothers went broke and were left with nothing, and the youngest was able to repair the house and buy chickens. Then he sold chickens offspring and with that money bought rabbits, cows, a pig, and also an electric car and a new solar battery. So slowly he was able to accumulate a large fortune. Seeing the success of his brother, the elders came to him and asked for money, but the brother gave them solar batteries instead. Let's drink for small but successful ideas, for the benefit of environmental technologies and the bright future of our children!


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