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June 15 - Sustainable energy day

June 17 - World day to combat desertification and drought

June 29 - The day of the Danube

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2019-03-18 | New CLEEN Network Projects

The implementation of mini-projects within the framework of the WECF project “Management and Development of the CLEEN Energy Efficiency Network (EECCA Region)” began.

After the official competition among the CLEEN network participants, WECF allocated 6 micro-grants for our organizations in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.

Sponsors of the project are German foundations NATURSTROM and GLS Treuhand.

In February 2019, the following micro-grant projects were launched:

1. Gamardzhoba NGO, Georgia: “Covenant of Mayors: Lifehacks for Everyone”
- Analysis of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Tbilisi. Conducting a public opinion poll, discussion club, preparation of the booklet "Covenant of Mayors: Lifehacks for Everyone and for Every Resident of Tbilisi."

2. Armenian National Christian Association of Young Women (AN YCA): “Energy Efficiency Comes to Communities”:
- training for high school students from 22 schools and 1 college of the Tavush marz of the Noyemberin district, as well as the holding of a game contest on energy efficiency and green energy.

3. Lore Ecoclub, Armenia “Thermal insulation of houses - conservation of forests in the Lori region of Armenia” - energy audit and training on thermal insulation in two villages. Raising public awareness on energy efficiency.

4. Youth Environmental NGO “Yeghvard”, Armenia: “Step Forward”:
- as a contribution to a large project for 5 large cities of Armenia - awareness raising and seminars on energy efficiency and its mechanisms in urban communities, seminars in schools on energy saving methods.

5. NPO Kremenchug Nature Conservation Society, Ukraine: “CLEEN: energy-efficient Kharkov”
- analysis of SEAP in Kharkov. Conducting a competition of creative works / ideas “Conservation of nature, energy resources and the introduction of energy efficiency methods”.

6. NGO "Ecosphere", Ukraine. Eco-School “Energy Efficiency for All”
- 5-day training for 15 students with the manufacture of a solar collector model. Raising awareness on the Covenant of Mayors; street action "Uzhgorod without CO2!", bicycle tour.
At the same time, our other partners from Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia are engaged in the development of local and inter-regional projects, participating in various competitions and collaborating in many areas.
It’s good to see it, and we are still convinced that the network has a sustainable positive impact in the EECCA region, and we continue to actively interact with all its organizations.


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