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2019-03-26 | Keep Ukraine clean and energy efficient!

Eco activists held competition under the motto: “Keep Ukraine clean and energy-efficient - we start from ourselves”.

The organizer of the event  was the Kharkiv city public organization "Peace Energy".

Purpose of competition was to intensify public responsibility and nurture a new energy culture.

Competition seeks to intensify the civil society of territorial communities and the responsibility of the local population, regardless of age, for specific actions to preserve the environment, the practical implementation of energy conservation measures, the formation of behavioral skills in waste sorting, fostering eco-consciousness, energy culture, eco-thinking and environmental actions . The format of the Competition is unique in that there are no restrictions on age, types of creativity and the duration of the acceptance of work, and over time it can become All-Ukrainian or international.

413 people took part, from the age of 6 to 77, who submitted 357 works. The winners of the Competition were determined by an authoritative expert commission composed of representatives of city departments, partner enterprises, educational institutions, public organizations. The main evaluation criteria were the practical result and the effectiveness of nature conservation, real energy conservation, measurable performance, originality, content and visualization, as well as innovation.

On March 1, in the Star Hall of the Kharkov Planetarium, along with an exhibition of all the works and an educational program, 188 winners of the Competition were awarded. The event actually turned into a family environmental festival with a lot of positive emotions.

Also, together with the "Society for the Protection of Nature of Kremenchug", the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, NGOs, utilities and socially responsible commercial enterprises actively supported the holding of the Competition.

Event was a part of the mini-project of the NGO “Nature Conservation Society of Kremenchug” “CLEEN: Kharkov energy-efficient”.

Oleg Gapon,
Public Association for the Conservation of Nature of Kremenchug


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