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2019-04-15 | EARTH HOUR 2019 in Kamianske (Ukraine)

On the initiative of NGO Voice of Nature, the city of Kamianske (former Dniprodzerzhynsk) took an active part in the international campaign Earth Hour 2019. The Voice of Nature thanks everyone who has joined the action and supported its holding, namely: the public institutions of NeKafe WONDERLAND and Pizza Celentano, the city federation of Kyokushin-kan karate, the department of ecology and natural resources, the department of humanitarian affairs of the city advice.

Voice of Nature forms a team of young climate experts

The Earth Hour international event was born in 2007 and was initiated by the Wildlife Fund (WWF). Since 2008, the action has become international. The city of Kamenskoye joined the campaign "Earth Hour" in 2009. The Earth Hour action is held annually at the end of March. In recent years, the format of this international campaign has become increasingly diverse, ranging from thematic information events to actions that directly affect enterprises that pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gas emissions.

The following events were held in Kamensky in support of the Earth Hour action: a working meeting with representatives of executive authorities, theme nights in NeCafe WONDERLAND and Pizza Celentano, trainings for the School of the Young Climate Expert, thematic lectures in educational institutions of the city .

“Thanks to the support of the coaching staff of the Kyokushin-kan karate city federation, we were able to give lectures on climate change and climate adaptation in gymnasium No. 39, schools No. 3, 15, 28, 30, as well as in the college of physical education. On the basis of these educational institutions, we will try to form the first teams of young climate experts who will help us conduct informational work among elementary school students. This idea has already received support from the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Kamensky City Council, ”said Yevgeny Kolishevsky, executive director of the Voice of Nature public organization.


Evgeny Kolishevsky
Executive Director of the Voice of Nature Public Organization
Contact phone: 067 681 13 16


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