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2019-09-25 | Experience in creating business models from CLEEN

One of the CLEEN tasks is the formation of the concept of the relationship between NGOs and the business. Some NGOs-member already practice business models in strategic planning in their organization.

For example, the Georgian organization Akhaltsikhe Center for Social Development (SDCA) and the Ukrainian organization Agency for Economic Development are ready to share their experience in this area.

To organize a business, first of all it is necessary to study the legislative base of your country on the issue of social entrepreneurship.

In Georgia, as Nugzar Tateshvili from the SDCA said, when an NGO starts to produce or sell something, the ordinary tax system without benefits is “turned on”. But NGO has the right to receive “donations,” and the cooperatives it has created can list donations without problems, even when the NGO is the founder of the cooperative. For cooperatives, this amount donated is exempt from income tax.

The Agency for Economic Development also studied the legislative framework of Ukraine on this issue, and since 2012, they have been providing paid services to legal entities and individuals. In 2018, income from “services” in the organization’s budget structure amounted to 20%. AED has several programs that provide themselves from local resources and use business models in their work.

Here is a list of AED services:

 - accounting services for Associations of condominiums (outsourcing);

- services for thermal imaging, energy certification of buildings, energy audits, assessment of air quality and artificial lighting.

- services of environmental experts;

- training courses: for accountants, English, 3D modeling, MS OFFICE

- conference-service, trainings;

- consulting on strategic planning and business planning for NGOs, authorities and business.

Thanks to AER in the Nikolaev area long-term programs work:

- School environmental competition "Life without garbage";

- Revolving fund supporting condominiums;  

If you want to know more about the work of business models, you can consult:

"Agency for Economic Development"

Voznesensk, Ukraine

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NGO SDCA / Society Development Center of Akhaltsikhe /

Akhaltsikhe, Georgia


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