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2019-07-17 | Insulate houses - save the forests!

Within the framework of the WECF project “Management and Development of the CLEEN Energy Efficiency Network (EECCA Region)”, funded by NATURSTROM and GLS Treuhand, the microproject “House insulation - preservation of forests of the Lori region of Armenia” was successfully implemented. The activities were carried out by Eco Lore (Armenia).

In the two villages of Gulagarak and Gar-gar, which are located in the forest part of the Lori region, next to the Gulagarak Arboretum, meetings with residents on energy saving in buildings were held. The houses are heated mainly by firewood, stoves with low efficiency, which affects the forests located around the villages and the Arboretum.

To visually demonstrate the possibility of reducing energy consumption in two communities, Gulagarak and Gar-gar conducted an energy audit of houses. Experts evaluated the level of thermal insulation of houses and showed the owners ways to improve thermal insulation. The houses are in different conditions - some of the houses are relatively well insulated, some do not even have elementary heat-insulating qualities: broken windows, poorly closing doors, and a leaky ceiling. The level of thermal insulation does not always correlate with the well-being of the owners. Lack of information, a low level of knowledge about the importance of proper insulation, the popularity of myths (insulation is very expensive) discourages people from trying to warm their homes at least a little.

During the energy audit one owner were found and it should be noted separately. Without a special education, he himself built a fairly energy-efficient house with well-made thermal insulation. He gave calculations proving that due to energy saving he burns firewood three times less than his neighbors do.

About 40 most interested people attended thermal insulation training. It was shown in practice simple and effective methods of thermal insulation of houses. They were convinced that to reduce firewood consumption (so to reduce the number of cuttings) by 40-50% is completely realistic.


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