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2019-09-26 | Energy Efficiency of Moldovan Institutions

CLEEN activists in Moldova conducted 4 meetings dedicated to the principles of using renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The team of the Falesti District Public Library named after Eminescu, is already implemented interesting projects for example: the MediaTek project for youth and a special project for educating retirees. But now they will also be able to disseminate information about energy efficiency.

The same knowledge got the students of the Theoretical Lyceum "M. Eminescu” in the city of Ungheni and the Theoretical Lyceum “Ion Creanga” in the city of Falesti. Now they do not even have to go to the library to replenish their knowledge in field of RES and energy efficiency - as part of the meeting with their teachers, books and a informational stand were given.

A meeting was also held with doctors and the management of the Sanepid Falesti Center. Usually hospitals and medical facilities consume a lot of energy. Hospital staff just starting to think about reducing energy consumption and about energy efficiency. The discussion allowed to answer the most provocative questions and allowed to discuss possible projects in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency, which can be implemented in medical institutions.

These meetings served as a good start to further cooperation in the dissemination of knowledge about energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Meetings were conducted within the framework of the microproject “Higher Engineering for Sustainable Industrial Development”, which was implemented as part of the WECF project “Management and Development of the CLEEN Energy Efficiency Network”, funded by Naturstrom Stiftung and GLS Treuhand.

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