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2019-03-27 | Energy plans will be assessed in Georgia

The Sustainable Energy Action Plans of the three Georgian cities - Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Mtskheta will be evaluated the NGO “Gamarjoba” within the framework of the project “Public Participation in for Implementing an Ambitious Climate Policy”, which is implemented by participants of the CLEEN network in Ukraine and Georgia with the support of the Global Greengrants Fund.

Urban areas play a leading role in climate change mitigation because they consume three quarters of the energy produced in the European Union. Today more than 70% of CO2 emissions worldwide are in cities. Local authorities have every opportunity to change the urban structure and behavior of citizens in the territories and to address issues related to energy consumption.

The signatories of the Covenant of Mayors are cities of various sizes: from small municipalities to megacities such as London, Kiev, Paris and Tbilisi. To date, 173 municipalities of Ukraine and 16 municipalities of Georgia have joined the environmental-climate initiative and have created Sustainable Energy Action Plans.
By signing the Covenant of Mayors, local authorities pledged to deliver tangible CO2 emissions reductions by 2020 by increasing energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy. The Covenant of Mayors is seen by European Union institutions as an unprecedented model of broad movement and multi-level governance, involving local, regional and national institutions to achieve common goals in the field of climate and energy.

CLEEN views the Covenant of Mayors as an important tool for improving local energy policies and engaging public decision-making processes. The analysis of Sustainable Energy Action Plans of Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Mtskheta will be evaluated according to the SEAP public assessment methodology developed by the project initiators Ecoclub
(Rivne, Ukraine). It was first applied in Rivne in 2017, and in 2018, the methodology was used in 4 more cities of Ukraine. The methodology allows to analyze the environmental and climatic value and integrity of the Plans. It includes consideration of the main emission sources, the value of emission reduction commitments, the presence of promising goals and approaches, administrative and organizational implementation processes, and many important factors.

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting territories to climate change is a new complex task that requires ambitious solutions, a multi-level approach, and interaction between government, business and civil society,” says Olga Podosenova from the NGO “Gamarjoba”. However, the global climatic goals of municipalities should also provide a positive socio-economic effect for the lives of ordinary people. We want to demonstrate all this with our project. 

In the near future, activists of the NGO “Gamarjoba” are planning to complete an assessment of the municipal plans and present conclusions and recommendations to the authorities and all stakeholders for public discussion.

The CLEEN network is an association of public organizations from 4 countries that promotes the development of regional partnerships in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to improve energy efficiency.

In the picture: parking of the airport of Tbilisi

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