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2018-04-25 | Forum of Environmental NGOs from Moldova: Edition 2018

During 2 days, representatives of the nongovernmental sector met in Chisinau at the traditional NGO Environment Forum of Moldova. The Forum was organized by #EcoContact, with the support of the Swedish Government.The Republican Center GUTTA-CLUB was represented by Kravciuk Natalia and Paun Denis.

On the first day, workshops focused on topics that directly address the ecological aspect of the Republic of Moldova. In parallel, several working groups discussed the Moldova-EU Association Agreement from the perspective of ecological detriment; State protected natural areas (Nistru de Jos and Prutul de Jos); Aarhus Convention and the Espoo Convention (ESM and EIA): the implementation process in the Republic of Moldova; Integrated water resource management at river basis level; Aspects of integrity (corruption) in the field of environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources.

The second day of the forum began with a plenary meeting of environmental NGOs, which was attended by government representatives. State Secretary for Environment - Victor Găluşcă (Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment), Program Officer (Environment, Climate and Energy) - Virginia Bîlici (Swedish Embassy in Chisinau) and President of the National Council of NGOs - Alecu Renita, had a speech during the meeting. During the plenary, there were discussed the opportunities of involvement of the environmental associative sector in the context of the central environmental administrative reform, the cooperation between the governmental and the non-governmental sector, institutional reform and environmental legislation and how environmental NGOs can cooperate more effectively with the State.

The plenary meeting was followed by 3 workshops:

  1. Dniester River: context, clarity and common approach;
  2. Successful partnerships between media and project beneficiaries: GSP Moldova experience.
  3. Gender issues in terms of access to information and environmental protection.

The topics that were tackled were actual and relevant.

Kravciuk Natalia and Paun Denis presented the final results of the project #CLEEN regarding the creation of a network of NGOs for promoting the idea of saving energy in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, which will be coordinated by the Republican Center “Gutta-Club”. At the end of the forum, environmental NGOs from the Republic of Moldova decided to sign a Resolution of the Environmental NGO Forum in Moldova. To protect the environment and to create a better society is our common goal, which can be reached only by common efforts and cooperation.

Natalia Kravciuk, Сhairman of Centrul Republican "Gutta-Club",
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


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