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2018-02-21 | CLEEN Success stories from Ukraine

Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club (Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine)

For three years Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club has participated in the CLEEN network, and have formed a social platform at the local level, which has united active experts in the area of energy efficiency.

The coalition gathered representatives of NGOs and authorities, and active representatives from the field of science and business. The project "Energy Efficient City" as a CLEEn initiative provides the opportunity to integrate energy efficiency practices in Khmelnytskyi. Simple and understandable forms for popularizing energy savings cover most of the city's population.

The activities of CLEEN within the Khmelnytskyi region have helped to realize the following successful initiatives:

  • The signing of a Memorandum on energy independence of Khmelnytskyi with the City Mayor and the majority of deputies of the Khmelnytskyi City Council;
  • Conducting the School of Energy Management and the introduction of a number of energy-efficient events at the local level in public institutions;
  • Introduction of an informal course on energy education into the education system in 6 districts of the Khmelnytskyi region;
  • Annual participation in the Days of Sustainable Energy;
  • Promotion of energy efficient practices through social advertising, printed products, media products, and workshops. Coverage of the audience for a period of participation in the CLEEN initiative is more than 2 million people;
  • Participation in working groups on the development of strategic documents in the field of energy efficiency (for instance: Shepetivka District Energy Efficiency Program, participation in the discussion of the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development in Khmelnytskyi etc.);
  • Shooting a documentary about climate change and energy efficiency in Khmelnytskyi and broadcasting on regional TV;
  • The foundation of a new direction for the development of energy-efficient start-ups with developers and businessmen from Khmelnytskyi.

Agency of Economic Development (Voznesensk, Ukraine)

The most successful organization's activity is the creation of a network of Revolving Funds in Mykolayiv region. So, in 2017 two settlements (joint territorial communities) - Domanevka and Olshansk - decided to allocate 30.000 UAH and 100.000 UAH, respectively from local budgets, for financing energy-efficient measures. It is worth noting that in the Domanevka community, a combined fund has been created, it provides financing for apartment - buildings and private households.

Our organization also made the first contributions to the funds, they are equal to those allocated from local budgets. The total volume of funds for 2017 is doubled. First funds were issues in October. With the positive experience cooperating with the communities in Domanevka and Olshansk, the plan for 2018 is to increase the amount of the revolving funds in these communities and add 500.000 UAH in Voznesensk.

Protection of Nature of the City of Kremenchuk (Kremenchuk, Ukraine)

The Society for the Protection of Nature of the City of Kremenchuk succeeded in jointly carrying out public events and implementing joint investment projects in the field of energy efficiency with the municipality and the regional authorities.

Support and participation of NGOs allowed organising Days of Sustainable Energy in Kremenchuk. This event was a demonstration of citizens' desire to become an energy-efficient city. A contest of drawings on energy savings attended by more than a hundred participants was held among school children. The exhibition-presentation of energy-efficient equipment, renewable energy sources, new communal equipment attracted hundreds of citizens. At the exhibition, the residents of the city were told how to insulate the house, heat the water with a solar collector, how the solar power station works and what is the "green tariff".

The implementation of joint activities through introduction of energy-saving measures in the medical public institution of the city of Kremenchuk will improve the conditions and comfort of thousands of citizens, and become a practical example of the municipal energy management system in the city.


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