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2017-11-17 | Fishes will „heal“ the Blue Lake

On the 11th of November, 2017, the ecological organization “Voice of Nature” initiated the action “Let’s bring life back to Blue Lake”. 263 kg of young fish, small carp and silver carp, were put into the lake to counteract its overgrowing with algae. The representatives of publicity, business and science took part in the action.

Fish will help the lake to become cleaner

Blue Lake is an artificial reservoir which has emerged about forty years ago in the sand pit near Yelyzavetivka village and became a favorite spot for locals to bathe and resort. Recently, some years ago, the lake began to overgrow with algae. It may lead to silting the springs which flow into it and drop of water level. The problem may be solved in different ways, ecologists stand for bio-land reclamation, for instance, involving specific fish like grass carp, silver carp and carp. These species were farmed in Ukraine until recently strictly for food, yet for five years already they are used to improve the ecology of drainage and soil-reclamation canals.

“To grasp the reasons of overgrowing, we need to start a research. Usually the problem is of compound origins. Enormous algae growth may be the result of climate change, drop of fish population, shifts in chemical composition of subterranean waters, pollution of reservoir with nitrogen and phosphate substances” – speaks Novyts’kyj Roman Oleksandrovych, candidate of life sciences, professor of water bioresources and aquaculture sub-department in Dnipropetrovs’k state agro-industrial university. “Partly the problem can be settled with seeding special fish. This method is rather effective when applied systematically since grass carp and silver carp cannot reproduce itself in Ukrainian native zone. Moreover, it is crucial for citizens and police to counteract poachers get out the fish seeded.”

The state of Blue Lake disquiets the ecologists

Current ecological state of Blue Lake stirs up anxiety: the bottom overgrows violently, water level decreases, fauna disappears, cyanobacterie appeared for the first time. Since water of the lake is plain and rather pure, this reservoir is not a mere resort zone but a significant water object. “Voice of Nature” representatives assume that dwellers of the Dnipropetrovs’ka region may lose a pearl without proper measures taken in time. The action “Let’s bring life back to Blue Lake” is the first one of the kind. It ran under active support from locals, journalists, NGO “Petrykivs’ki dobrobut”, commercial enterprises of poultry factory “Orel’ – leader” and Aquatech, Ltd. 11600 UAH were collected before the start, it helped to buy 263 kilograms of young fish, small carp and silver carp(1500-1600 units).

“We’re extremely satisfied with results. Normally, 20-30 percents of young fish are lost after seeding, yet this time almost all of it have survived due to its high quality, gentle transporting, low temperature of water and rich oxygen in seeding spot,” – said Yevheniy Kolishevs’kyj, chief executive director in “Voice of Nature”. “We would like to bring our thanks to everyone joined. We’ve made a successful first step towards, yet the job around saving Blue Lake is only starting. We propose that all caring people should become a part of the campaign.”

Yevheniy Kolishevs’kyj,
Chief executive director, “Voice of Nature”,
Contact phone number 067-681-13-16


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