June 15 - World wind day

June 15 - Sustainable energy day

June 17 - World day to combat desertification and drought

June 29 - The day of the Danube

July 7 - Employee's day

2017-11-09 | Pupils flashmob for a sustainable community

The last steps were done for the Project of CLEEN 2017 in the district of Mets Mantash.

A fleshmob was done with pupils, in which 28 pupils from The High School of Mets Mantash, and also 18 pupils from high classes of Tsaghkahovit district participated, which made a good cooperation among that districts.

Pupils were asking questions with big interests about the t-shirts which was given to them. As we were mean, in the middle of Mets Mantash there was an informational signboard, which saw the villagers. The same sighboard was given to the School of the disctrict. About more than 50 people took part in project, and a big amount of people was interested in it.

So the Project was a good ice-breaker for people so that they got an information about energy saving.

Sirarpi Manyan,
President of "Yeghvard" youth ecologycal NGO


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