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2017-11-03 | CLEEN in Moldova run thermal imaging scheduling

On November, 1st, 2017, public library in village Dubesariy-Vek’, Kriulianski district (Moldova) hosted the concluding session within the micro-project “Well-informed man is a strong one”. The project stipulated the installation of four energy saving windows to increase energy efficiency of the building.

The session was visited by village mayor, other statesmen, leaders of cultural, social and educational institutions, representatives of CSO «Renaşterea Rurală» and US Peace Corps volunteer.

The activists suggested to help with energy inspections of buildings in the village.

The attendants agreed to choose social, cultural and educational public buildings in the village, which will be exposed to professional thermal imaging scheduling from 5 to 20.11.2017. It will help to spot “spendy” areas and do something to fix the situation.

This infrared scanning is free of charge.

Micro-project «Well-informed man is a strong one» relates to CLEEN-2017, the latter being carried out on regional level by republican juvenile center "Gutta Club". The project is sponsored by the EU and is being brought to life locally by CSO «Renaşterea Rurală».

To get more turn to:
Vladimir Ursu,
Head of CSO «Renaşterea Rurală»,



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