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2017-10-23 | «Соlaborare» helps to reduce energy spendings of social institutions

As a result of fruitful cooperation between АО «Соlaborare» and local authorities of first and second degree, in Yedinets district measures are taken to increase energy efficiency of social buildings.

Thanks to National Energy Efficiency Fund in Family Physicians Center (Regional Clinic, Yedinets municipality) all the doors and windows were replaced, heat insulation of walls and roof is being done on all the five storeys.

Following the advices from А.О. «Соlaborare», Viyshoar mayor’s office, the partner of the project, have insulated the walls of kindergarten. Together with this, the SPA installed solar collector there, so that children could wash their faces with warm water and stay healthy.

Thanks to mini-grant won by А.О. «Соlaborare» all the building materials needed were provided to insulate the walls of dormitory of Young Women Theological Seminary-Lyceum in Yedinets municipality. This mini-grant have motivated the community members to collect their own financing for paying the qualified foremen and insulating all the dormitory walls.

These measures will help chiefs of institutions to reduce expenses for heating to 30-35 percent. And spared money may be directed to finance other energy efficiency issues.

А.О. «Соlaborare» President, Grigore Musteata


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