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2017-11-08 | Energy efficiency for the pristine capital of Georgia

The NGO Gamarjoba (Tbilisi), the initiative group Mtiuli (the village of Bevreti) and the municipality of Mtskheta agreed сoncern cooperate on sustainable development, energy efficiency and clean energy. The signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation was held within the framework of the CLEEN project.

From the municipality side agreement was signed by the Head of Mtskheta Municipality (‘gamgebeli’) Zurab Abesadze.

The Mtskheta municipality includes more than 70 localities. Including the world-famous place of pilgrimage and tourism - the city of Mtskheta, several hard-to-reach villages, which are given the status of “high mountains”. Among them is the "lost" village in the mountains of the village of Bevreti, whose initiative group of inhabitants became the winner of the CLEEN mini-grant competition with the energy efficiency project.
"Mtskheta municipality is a unique territory. The ancient capital of Georgia, close to the modern capital. Every tourist who comes to Georgia does not pass Mtskheta.- says Olga Podosenova, NGO "Gamarjoba".- At the same time, there are hard-to-reach mountain areas where there is as yet no water and gas supply, and some even electricity".

"The village of Bevreti is a picturesque place in the mountains 20 km from Tbilisi. Here is the famous monastery, where thousands of pilgrims come.- says Nino Mchedlidze, the initiative group "Mtiuli".- But our village is hard to reach: a bad road, there is no water supply, electricity was conducted only a year ago, and in winter people heat the houses with wood. Now it's the 21st century. It's time to change something in our life."

"The issues of energy supply in the region are closely linked to the problem of energy efficiency, and the potential in this area is huge,- head of Mtskheta municipality Nugzar Khukhunaishvili said - In this regard, we are very interested in working together with NGO and community".

The Memorandum of Cooperation is intended to "provide the basis for cooperation between the public and the municipality in matters of energy efficiency, renewable and sustainable development of the territory."

Together the agreement participants plan to start developing policies and implementing programs for energy efficiency and sustainable development of the territory, and also to promote demonstration and pilot projects in this area, including in the field of ecological tourism.

Olga Podosenova, NGO "Gamarjoba",
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