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2017-11-05 | CLEEN statement in regards to COP23

CLEEN statement in regards to COP23

CLEEN network unites 28 local CSOs in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. It supports and develops the efforts of non-government organizations in Eastern Europe and Caucasus who work out the issues of energy efficiency and locally resist climate changes.

Our past activity shows that local authorities in our countries can play the leading role in reducing emissions and adjusting to climate change as well as gaining the goals of sustainable development (SDGs). Examples of local breakthrough implementations in our countries supported by local policy prove this. Yet, there can be done much more. So, the network appeals to the governments and authorities of FCCC countries to achieve ambitious goals and activities aimed to reduce emissions and adjust to the aftermath of climate change by:

  • Rendering help to communities in reducing emissions, achieved by private financing of energy efficiency issues and renewable energy sources.
  • Involving the smallest CSOs and local authorities in passing local and national resolutions concerning safe and sustainable practical experience in energy sector.
  • Recognition of local powers’ crucial role in bringing to life all national policies aimed to reducing the emissions and adjusting to climate changes and thus, elaboration of national policies with taking this fact into account.
  • Responsible and transparent choice of hopeful goals concerning reducing emissions, made by local powers with taking into account credible current data on the emissions.
  • Following the goals chosen and running the corresponding policy.
  • Adopting financially sponsored local political resolutions, programs, fiscal tools with a prolonged impact on reducing the emissions.
  • Giving up environmentally dangerous energy issues (nuclear power stations, big hydropowers, coal-powered stations), fossil fuel. A counteracting strategy – support of energy efficiency programs and renewable energy sources.
  • Active interaction and cooperation of all the interested parties to find mutually beneficial solutions aimed to increase energy efficiency and sponsoring renewable energy sources.
  • Searching, supporting, spreading the word and replicating successful local solutions on reducing the emissions.
  • Promoting experience exchange concerning the usage of ultimate existing implementations among local entities from the countries of Eastern partnership dealing with energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.
  • Deepening the competence of local stake holders concerning the climate change.
  • Fulfilling the commitments on reducing the emissions taken by the cities within the Mayors Agreement and urging new members to join.

Climate change is a global problem which threatens single settlements and big coutries as well. Only united and coordinated activities may help avoid disastrous aftermath and successfully overcome those already inescapable.


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