2017-07-13 | Going on a press tour to Novi Sanzhary, where parks and lilac trees replaced garbage dumps

On July 10, CLEEN project participants from EKOLTAVA NGO (Poltava, Ukraine) went on their third press tour. This time, accompanied by the media representatives, the activists visited Novi Sanzhary, a small town and a district centre located in the picturesque Poltava region, Ukraine.

Novi Sanzhary is known for its outstanding results in local development, municipal improvement and supporting the public peace. Thus, ECOLTAVA could not have picked a better place for a press tour.

During the tour, activists and journalists met with the representatives of local authorities. Inna Koba, the chair of the local council, and Valentyna Ivashyna, the deputy chair, told about the implementation of environmental projects and municipal improvement in Novi Sanzhary.

For the past three years, local authorities have been partnering with activists to clean the riverbed of the Vorona River and strengthen the banks of the Vorskla River using the funds allocated from the regional budget.
“Every year the water level at the river drops by almost 1.5 meters, so we are aware that we need to establish a water regulation facility on the border of Novi Sanzhary and Kobeliaky districts, which will ensure a stable water level”, says Yuri Bovkun, the head of the Novi Sanzhary Water Management Department.

Novi Sanzhary managed to get rid of garbage dumps. For example, in 2008, the local government, together with local residents, planted young oaks and lindens that replaced the illegal garbage dump. The park was then called The Parents and Children of the Third Millennium.

They disposed of about 100 garbage trucks and arranged the space planning in the Lilac Grove in Vovchi Gory area. The place has been equipped with parking lots, recreational areas, toilets and garbage bins. The grove located not far from Novi Sanzhary along the Poltava-Alexandria highway has become a nice recreation area for locals and visitors.

It’s been a few years since the DESPRO project has been launched in Novi Sanzhary district with a focus on decentralisation. Today, Novi Sanzhary is known as a clean neighbourhood. We asked Inna Koba, the chair of the local council, to tell about the project.

In 2016, with support from the German partners – GIZ – the local community established a memorial complex The Site of Hetman Ivan Mazepa (one of the most famous Ukrainian hetmans, a man of controversies, and a prominent leader known for his alliance with the Swedish king during the Great Northern War), a new beach and a recreation area with a well-developed infrastructure.

A visit that deserves special attention is the one paid by EKOLTAVA team and the media representatives to the municipal solid waste landfill in Zachepylivka village. Sergiy Bulbakha, the chair at the Novi Sanzhary district administration, says that this is the only waste dump in Poltava region with all the required permits from the municipal utilities administration and the environmental inspection. The landfill with2 ha area has been designed for 60 thousand tons of waste; its operational capabilities allow to dispose of the waste from the entire region for the next 5 years. For today, wastes from 5 settlements are being brought here, and six more communities are planning on joining it by the end of this year.

In 2015, Novi Sanzhary district administration partnered with GIZ in DESPRO project to improve the capacity of the landfill, so it could serve the entire district. At the same time, Mr. Bulbakha says that in addition to infrastructure development, their aim is to change people’s attitude to waste management.
ECOLTAVA is intended to raise public awareness aiming to reduce waste and start using the existing resources more efficiently. Within the DESPRO project implementation, a recycling competition between local schoolchildren was held. They collected and gave for recycling over a ton of plastic waste. The raised money was used for the needs of schools that took part in the competition.

Mykola Riabyka, ECOLTAVA’s project manager, showed the handbook Garbage-free Village to the participants of the press tour. The handbook contains all sorts of useful information on public awareness campaigns regarding waste treatment in Novi Sanzhary and other local communities in Poltava region.
Today, we can witness the significant change, which is the result of cooperation between the local community and self-government agencies, and as well their commitment to the local development.

Special thanks from ECOLTAVA team to the participants of the tour: Inna Koba, the chair of Novi Sanzhary local council; Valentyna Ivashyna, deputy chair; Sergiy Bulbakha, the chair of Novi Sanzhary district administration. Special thanks to media representatives: Evgen Kabluchuk (Energolife.info), Inna Bezugla and Evgen Chornyi (Misto studio, Poltava TV), Olena Vohnytska (Events and Comments newspaper), Lina Reshetnyk (VPoltavi.info), Inna Kulish (Ekopraktikum, a TV show on Ltava TV), Yaroslava Fomina (Kolo newspaper), Natalia Ochkan (Ukrainian radio), Victoria Zhyzhenkova ( Poltava News) and Lidia Ritchenko (Ltava TV).

Margaryta Mostova, PR manager, ECOLTAVA NGO

All activities have been sponsored by the local project, i.e. the Centre for Sustainable Development of Poltava Region, with support from the international grant programs LINK and CLEEN. The projects are funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and the EU.

Translated by Yuliya Derevyanko


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