2017-07-03 | Ukraine striving for energy independence!

CLEEN project participants from Ukraine – the Voice of Nature NGO, EcoLtava and Kremenchuk Nature Conservation Society took part in the national information tour titled “Energy Independence is Our Shared Interest!”.

Eco-activists arranged exhibitions in Poltava, Lubny, Kremenchug, Kaminske, where people had a chance to see how solar water heating plants worked and learned how to insulate houses, increase energy efficiency and prevent climate change.

According to CLEEN participants, in 2017, the government budgeted 60 times less for energy efficiency than for subsidies. However, experts believe that energy efficiency should be the government’s major priority. Due to efficient implementation of measures and energy saving, we can abandon gas imports, protect the environment and create new jobs. Eco-activists went on the info tour intending to visit Ukrainian cities and come out with what exactly we can do today to save energy and achieve energy independence.

Energy saving and energy efficiency is the only possible development direction for the next 20 years, which will lead to economic growth and normal life for people”, says Dmytro Sakaliuk, energy efficiency expert, tour coordinator. – We visit numerous cities, talk to people, give them simple and practical advice: where to get money for insulation, how to create and efficiently manage condominiums, how to build a solar water heater. Energy independence is our shared interests, everyone’s responsible for the clean and safe future”, says the activist.

Ukrainians have learned about energy efficiency while attending creative and interesting events, including the topical photo shoot, demonstration of videos. They could also rent a bike for free and take part in the game called “The City of Climate Magic”. Activists came out with how to save energy in everyday life, shared information about energy, climate change and city cycling. Find out more by visiting the online library at http://ecoclubrivne.org/eco_library/.
In each of the cities, the team asked the people to sign the petition to the government to give more money for energy efficiency. They also met with local authorities, people and journalists to discuss how to build energy independent and comfortable cities and perform mechanisms for improving energy efficiency in public and private buildings (revolving funds, energy service contracts).

The national info tour titled “Energy Independence is Our Shared Interest” has visited 6 more cities at the end of May, including Kherson (22 May), Mykolayiv (23 May), Odessa (25 May), Chernivtsi (28 May), Ivano-Frankivsk (29 May), Uzhgorod (31 May).
Tour sponsors: Ecoclub NGO in partnership with Ukraine’s National Environment Center, OPORA network, Education World and Kyiv Cyclists Association. The tour is carried out with the support from the European Union, the Austrian Development Agency, the Austrian Red Cross, Heinrich Böll foundation, the Swedish Society for the Conservation of Nature, the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature and the Ukrainian Climate Network. Environmental activists and experts are on the all-Ukrainian tour for the fifth time.


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