2017-07-10 | Colaborare to attract more interested parties and partners

This year, Colaborare, an NGO from Moldova, has been working hard to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy among local people and public authorities. Following a number of rounds of negotiations with the leader of Yedinetskiy district, local authorities have become interested parties and partners to the project. As a result of fruitful cooperation, one of district administration departments hired an energy manager.

Together they worked out an insulation project for a district hospital. The project was selected during a tender. It is currently funded by the Energy Efficiency Fund in Moldova and is receiving 5.3 million lei, which is partially District Council co-financing.
With this project, all windows and doors have been replaced by PVC windows and doors in all 5 hospital buildings. Currently, all outside walls in all buildings are being insulated.

It is important that walls are being insulated with foam plastic 10 cm thick, which will work great in winter. Even while it’s summer one can feel that the wards are not so hot and stuffy as they used to be before the walls were insulated. It should be noted that wall insulation using foam plastic 5 cm thick is less efficient.

Using these energy efficiency measures, district authorities and the hospital administration are intended to improve the conditions for patients and employees, and as well reduce the consumption of gas for heating and save at least 30% of the budget funds.
As an interested party and partner to the project, the management of the district administration participate in the conferences and seminars held by Colaborare NGO as part of CLEEN project.

Grigore Mustiatse, President, Colaborare NGO


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