2017-07-19 | The successes of Georgian organizations in the framework of the CLEEN for 2016

Youth Centre Akhaltsikhe and NGO Mezguri (common initiative). Akhaltsikhe, Georgia

YCA and Megzuri made a Memorandum for Cooperation with Akhaltsikhe city council, carried out the monitoring of the local budget and made recommendations concerning energy efficiency costs.

Following the energy audit of municipal buildings, they developed recommendations for these institutions.

In Akhaltsikhe and Aspindza, 4 energy efficiency trainings were conducted, where a demonstration greenhouse was built, and a model Smart Home was developed. 350 people took part in the Regional Youth Festival organized by YCA and Megzuri on the International Day of Energy Efficiency. At the festival, they distributed their information booklets and showed the Documentary about energy efficiency and energy audit filmed by YCA and Megzuri. As part of joint financing, CLEEN YCA and Megzuri successfully cooperated with energy cooperatives, developed their technical base, conducted 4 training sessions and built 12 solar collectors.

Students for Energy Efficiency (St4EE). Kutaisi, Georgia

During the year, St4EE carried out a lot of activities to raise awareness among young people about climate change and energy efficiency: Green Camps (50 participants), training sessions (more than 200 schoolchildren and 23 students), energy efficiency festival and flash mobs, street cycling with the motto “I choose energy efficient transport” (65 participants). For these events, 500 booklets, 70 calendars, 500 leaflets, and 400 posters about energy efficiency were made and published. A Memorandum on cooperation and energy saving approaches was signed with the mayor of Kutaisi. St4EE interviewed more than 450 people, conducted energy consumption studies and publicly presented the results of these studies.

NPO Green Regions. Khoni, Georgia

In 2016, Green Regions NGO organized seminars to raise awareness among rural residents about modern energy efficient and sustainable energy technologies in Khoni and Tskhaltubo municipalities, aswell as in Gordi, Akhaldiseuli, Parkhanakanebi, Kumistavi villages. Using the example of Green Regions office, activists together with local residents made thermal insulation and organized energy saving materials exhibition. Green Regions developed information materials on energy efficiency, filmed videos about thermal insulation materials and solar collectors, took part in the Energy Efficiency Festival. Following the execution of Memorandums for mutual cooperation with Khoni and Tskhaltubo, Green Regions carried out the analysis of energy consumption expenditures in municipalities and prepared recommendations for them. As part of joint financing for the program titled “Energy Cooperatives in the Eastern Partnership Countries”, international working meetings were organized to discuss the charter and activities of the “umbrella” cooperative. Solar collectors manufactured by a cooperative from Ivandidi were presented during the energy efficiency exhibition in Tbilisi.

Translated by Yuliya Derevyanko


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