2017-07-19 | The successes of Armenian organizations in the framework of the CLEEN for 2016

AYRUDZY (Spitak, Armenia)

Ayrudzy has become Spitak city council’s partner in the development and implementation of SEAP (Sustainable energy action plan), entered into cooperation agreement for training of energy managers, successfully developed the Basic Training Programme, and trained 8 qualified energy managers.

Energy managers carried out energy audits in 5 institutions (city administration, school, culture center, medical center, Spitak YMCA) and developed energy efficiency guidelines for them. With support from Ayrudzy, energy managers network has been created and integrated into the CLEEN network.
Ayrudzy has carried out 30 consultations on energy management, energy saving technologies, energy performance certificates on social networks, where people could share their best practices and ideas.
Ayrudzi and Tapan NGO organized and successfully held a seminar titled “Energy cooperatives in Armenia: development prospects”.

Yeghvard, Environmental Protection Youth NGO (Shirak, Armenia)

In late 2016, Yeghvard NGO signed a Memorandum with the local authorities of Akhuryan and Mets Mantash villages of Shirak region. Yeghvard activists performed energy efficiency monitoring in these locations and showed how local authorities spent money on energy efficiency projects in the last 3 years. Yeghvard’s lead has become a member of Akhuryan village council and is intended to promote environmental protection and energy efficiency projects in government.
To raise public and local authorities' energy efficiency awareness, Yeghvard carried out a number of public surveys and made a video series titled “Energy Efficiency for the Sustainable Future”. These videos were presented at the International Environmental Film Festival “Children of the Sun” in Yerevan for about 5,000 people. The videos were posted on Facebook-CLEEN and had more than 15,000 views.

YWCA Young Women's Christian Association (Noyemberyan, Armenia)

YWCA focuses on identifying women's problems and ensuring their participation in projects.
YWCA activists have prepared a Report on the energy sector concept in the Noyemberyan community, which is aimed at assessing and improving strategic energy policies. During the two round tables, they’ve discussed a report on the current energy situation and policies in the community. The proposals developed by YWCA have been included in the five-year strategic plan of the Noyemberyan community as one of the priority areas for development.
YWCA organized a campaign for local schoolchildren. Their drawings about energy efficiency contributed to awareness raising campaign.
YWCA organized a public discussion that resulted in the creation of a network for advocating the energy sector consisting of 15 representatives of organizations willing to invest their skills and experience in the development of energy policy.
More than 100 women took an active part in round table, discussions and conferences in focus groups.

Translated by Yuliya Derevyanko


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