2017-07-10 | Youth energy clubs in Shirak region

”From 03-07th of July “Yeghvard” youth ecological NGO have implemented "Youth energy clubs" seminar, seminar was the main activity of CLEEN project that is being implementing since 01 of April. The seminar involved 15 participants from Akhuryan, Mets Mantash and Saralangh villages of Shirak region.

The main aim of the seminar was to raise awareness among the young people about energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy saving projects.

The seminar started with the presentation of “Yeghvard” youth ecological NGO and the CLEEN network. The president of "Yeghvard" NGO Sirarpi Manyan welcomed participants by representing agenda of seminar, the aim of the project, talked about CLEEN network mostly about the activities done by "Yeghvard" NGO. Then participants had team building activities amid to establish an effective and fruitful team-work.
During the second day of the seminar participants have an opportunity to learn how to repair wood windows for houses, the main methods how to save energy in simple ways. The session was leaded by president of "Tapan eco club" NGO Hrant Sargsyan. The participants were very active, interested and motivated to take this experience to their villages and put it in practice in public areas.

"As during the seminar’s period Armenia was celebrating the “EU4energy” week the participants of "Youth energy clubs" seminar have an opportunity to participate in one of the meetings of EU energy week."
"Particularly, participants discussed the topic “What is Armenia’s potential for developing renewable energy and how can it affect community development?” organized by the EU co-funded Kolba Inno4Dev project within the EU Energy Days. “Yeghvard” youth ecological NGO’s participants expressed deep interests and motivation to raise topic related issues and ideas. During the meeting we shared with our brochures about “CLEEN” project. At the end of the day "speech space" was waiting for participants. They talked about their own community’s opportunities and possibilities for realizing projects regarding energy efficiency and energy saving."

"The 3rd day was full of theoretical information about energy saving projects and systems in Armenia. The expert Gevorg Petrosyan represented presentations about current resources that Armenia has and the potential that can be developed in the regions of Armenia based on that resources. The expert deeply focused on best practices of Basen village and explained the ways how the participants can use that experience in their own villages. After this session participants had chance to discuss about self governmental bodies, how to cooperate with them and to implement projects. The participants also tried to develop their group dynamic by playing the game "River". After the team building games they had a chance to speak about the concept of self-governance in a local level. Our expert Knyaz Saroyan explained the way and methods through which civil society bodies can advocate their projects, establish an effective working ties with local authorities amid to implement joint projects and initiatives."

During the 4th day of the seminar our participants have some team building games for working in teams and work with partners. After the game the president of the organization Sirarpi Manyan explained the main elements of project writing and the main needs of CLEEN seed-grant announcement. The groups started to develop their local projects and are planning to apply for funding to the open call of CLEEN small grants announcement.

On the last day the participants have the opportunity to evaluate the project. They were motivated to become CLEEN network member’s and realize projects for raising awareness of local authorities on energy efficiency projects.


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