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2016-11-16 | Success stories of joint activities of the NGO "Ekoltava" and the NGO "Society for the Protection of Nature in Kremenchuk"


Communication with local media maintained teamwise by EkoLtava and the Nature Protecting Association of Kremenchuk is a story of success. It started in 2015 from media-breakfasts included in CLEEN project by EkoLtava. We invited experts and shared the up-to-date information while having a cup of tea. We discussed renewable energy potential in Poltava, showed single energy-saving dwellings, talked about "warm lendings", subventions, isolated heating and so forth.

These breakfasts were always visited by from four to seven media representatives, and everybody liked the context because the discussion was moderately informal and touched sharp ecology issues, energetical development of Poltava and Poltava region. After we launched this event editorial offices began to contact us more often and publish the appropriate news more swiftly. Also we constantly received invitations for live interviews on TV and radio. After uniting the efforts EkoLtava and the Nature Protecting Association of Kremenchuk became capable to link to other regional media. Cooperation makes all our projects more sustainable. Now when journalists from Poltava request information from Kremenchuk and vice versa, we may simply divert them to our partners.

We held eight media-breakfasts in 2015, but there turned out so many floors for discussion that we planned ten more for 2016. We managed to talk over catching biogas from Poltava landfill with Pavel Novak, a known expert from Czech Republic. Also we showed prominent unions of mansions owners to encourage people to emerge these unions and demonstrated the power of solar energy in uncivilized conditions. A substantial bulk of themes is waiting to be opened. Besides, next goal is improving social marketing (SMM) for the sake of furthering ecological ideas and news via social networks.

Having summarized the experience we may conclude that successful interconnection with media involves several aspects like plain and sincere intentions, constant and understandable activity, swift posting of press-releases and press-announces, photo and video reports, quick feedback. Media demand hot news and expert thoughts while agents need to spread the word to the public. Its a mutual advantageous cooperation due to which thousands and thousands of recipients in Poltava region receive the data on ecology, priority of energy saving, renewable energy potential and so on. We're always sincerely grateful to journalists for their support. Our united activity is the very driving force for changes.


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