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2016-10-31 | The trees are asking deputies for help


On October 30th during the City Council session the activists of eco-organisation “The Voice of Nature” in the symbolic “trees” costumes have appealed to the deputies with the requirement to take the actions that will higher the quality of green areas in Kamianske. According to the “Voice of Nature” the unprofessional work of communal and contractor companies are one of the main reasons for the decreasing number of green areas in the city.

NGO “The Voice of Nature” has started the preparation for information campaign with the purpose to explain the citizens the significant value of green areas in industrial cities and the importance of the high level of greening actions. Although, the environmental role of greens in the city grows every year due to the industrial emissions and climate change, the taken greening measures are not appropriate even according to legislation. NGO “The Voice of Nature” states that the inappropriate amount of green areas in Kamianske can have a negative impact on the citizens’ health and wellbeing. The activists have decided to start their informational work by appealing to the local deputies. During the City Council session, after all the main issues were discussed, the activists in special costumes have shared among the deputies the requests with suggestions for increasing the level of greening/gardening in the city.
According to the “Voice of Nature”, in order to increase the amount of green areas that will correspond to the legal requirements local authorities should undertake the following actions:
1) Conduct the monitoring, inventory and certification of greens according to the forms that are mentioned in the “Rules for the maintenance of green spaces in the residential areas in Ukraine” approved by Order of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Ukraine № 105 from 10.04.2006. Create the registry of all urban green spaces and update it regularly.
2) Strengthen the control measures that should be conducted by contractor companies, which take care of the greens in the city, according to the Order № 105.
3) Oblige the municipal institutions to conduct the general, partial and spontaneous inspections of green areas according to the Chapter 12 of the Order № 105.
4) Include in the city budget for the year 2017 funding for the greening methodology development with the consideration of emissions amount from industry, climate change, geographical location and specific climate features.
5) Create a separate commission for examination and decision-making on the maintenance of green spaces (maintenance, pruning, tree removal, etc.) with the involvement of civil society, including representatives of the organization "The Voice of Nature", as an instrument of social control, necessary to enable citizens to influence the situation in the field of greening.
6) Systematically raise public awareness about the role of green spaces in the industrial city, teach the citizens to conduct a public control of the green space maintenance.
Immediately after the session, the deputies Olenyuk A.S. and Drogovoz A.A. responded to activists’ actions and offered their support. In addition, deputy Donets A.E. confirmed his readiness to support the idea of taking the inventory and certification measures for green spaces in Kamianske.
Unfortunately, the organization "Voice of Nature" has not received proposals for cooperation in order to improve the situation with green areas in Kamianske from the members of the Council committee on housing and communal services. This committee is directly responsible for the landscape planning in Kamianske. At the moment this Commission has following members: Bespalchuk M.G. (Chairman), Sidorov S.L. (Deputy Chairman), Torishnaya A.A. (Secretary), Polynko N.A., Pidgurskii M.I.

Eugene Kolyshevskiy,
Executive Director of NGO “The Voice of Nature”
Contact number: 067 681 13 16


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