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2016-11-15 | The reparation of storm sewer has been launched in Kamianske


In order to minimize the risk of local flooding communal enterprises in Kamianske (Dniprodzerzhynsk) have launched the renovation process for the stormwater drain system on the Druzhby Narodiv Avenue and Burkhana Street. Presumably, the works are planned to be finished by the end of November. These places were chosen by the NGO “The Voice of Nature” according to the results of competition between different locations for the implementation of pilot projects in adaption of storm drains to the changing climate conditions.
Ecologists and governmental functionaries are monitoring the project implementation process.

On November 12th, representatives of NGO “The Voice of Nature” conducted the expertise of the locations, where the renovation measures for storm drain systems have already been taken place for the minimization of the local flooding risk. The reparation works started on the Druzhby Narodiv Avenue (next to the houses № 53а, 53b) and Burkhana Street (next to the houses № 21, 15). The monitoring of renovation process is conducted by the NGO and municipal organizations. The difficulties in completing the tasks appear due to bad weather conditions. However, the building company (AquaTech) promises to finish everything by the end of November. The works on building the rainwater drainage system outside of the neighborhood as well as the additional large volume receiving well have started on the Druzhby Narodiv Avenue. The problem area is located on the Burkhana Street. In this place the big part of central collector is being clogged with small pebbles and asphalt crumbs. It is impossible to restore the reservoir, that’s why the contractors, municipal company and representatives of NGO “The Voice of Nature” have decided to build a new collector. According to the organization "Voice of Nature" an old collector was clogged with the debris of road surface, so it is very important for the local authorities to repair the roads in this area as soon as possible. If it is not done, the same situation as with the old collector will happen. The "Voice of Nature" encourages residents of Burkhana Street to be more active and to contact their district deputy (Didur Vitaliy, office open hours: 2nd, 4th Saturday of the month from 10:00 to 13:00 at Sergei Slisarenko Str. 4 ("Cheryomushki" neighborhood committee room)) in the written form with the requirements to lobby the adoption of measures on restoration of road surface. Consultations on the written requests to the authorities can be received, when contacting the organization "Voice of Nature" by phone: 067 681 13 16.
The practical projects on adaptation of rainwater sewers in Kamianske to the climate change are being implemented as a part of Climate Forum East II under the financial aid of European Commission, Austrian Development Agency and Austrian Red Cross, with support of National Ukrainian Environmental Centre.

For more details, please, contact:
Eugene Kolyshevskiy,
Executive Director of NGO “The Voice of Nature”
Contact number: 067 681 13 16


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