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2016-11-11 | How to increase energy efficiency in communal sphere


A “round table” and discussion on the “Ways to increase energy efficiency in communal sphere” was organized in city of Vynohradiv (Transcarpathian Region) on November 9th by the NGO “Ecosphere”. Directors of the educational institutions and communal organizations of the city and region, local and regional deputies, as well as representatives from civil society participated in the event.

The experts of “Ecosphere” have presented the results of 2-years monitoring of education institutions in the Vynohradiv region. They have pointed out the main problems in this sector and the reasons for poor energy efficiency measures that are annually taken by local government.
During the meeting participants have suggested the actions for increasing energy efficiency in communal sphere. First of all, the system of municipal energy management should be established. As a result, monitoring of all communal buildings on the energy consumption will take place, as well as the up-to-date identification of the losses from the system, utilization of ESCO-mechanisms in line with the European Initiative “The Covenant of Mayors”.


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