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2016-11-16 | It’s never too late to learn!


On November 8th NGO “The Voice of Nature” has initiated training in Kamianske on the establishment of the revolving fund. Training took place in the building of the Executive Committee of City Council from 9:00 to 12:00.

Revolving fund is an extra instrument on the local level, which helps the citizens to obtain concessional loans for implementation of projects in energy efficiency. The target groups of this training included functionaries that regulate the processes in communal sphere, CSOs of the apartment owners and street committees.
Training was held under the initiative of NGO “The Voice of Nature” with support from the Department of Economic Development in Kamianske City Council. The presentations and speeches were made by experts from NGO “Economic Development Agency” (Voznesensk City).
By the end of 2016 “The Voice of Nature” organization is planning to conduct 4 educational events under the supervision of local authorities. The following topics will be discussed:
- Creation of revolving fund;
- Establishment of local energy cooperatives;
- Use of possibilities of ESCO-projects for local communities;
- Rules for preparation and application in order to receive grants.
All the planned trainings will take place as a part of CLEEN project/ “Energy efficiency: creation of local coalitions” in order to create additional instruments that will help increase the level of energy efficiency in municipal sphere.


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