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2016-11-01 | The success story of the Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club

In every public organization's life, there comes a certain period when the team must make a decision : will they develop further professionally, or will they accept the fact, that in time, the organization will cease to exist. 

The choice of the ‘Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club” has set its target to professional development of its structure and the involvement of the young generation in one of the most pressing issues in the world - sustainable development and, energy saving in particular. 

For the very first time in the history of Khmelnytsk, the theme of energy conservation has become  not only the main discussion point of the local authorities and the politicians but the youth as well.

The “CLEEN” project gave an impetus to the creation of a coalition of different organizations in 4 different countries, which have joined their forces to ensure the effective consumption of resources by humans.

What has already been accomplished by “CLEEN” project : 

-The “Memorandum about the energy independence of Khmelnytsk” was signed by the mayor and the most of the deputies of the city council ;

-A series of information campaigns on energy efficiency have been held with a target audience of more than 100000 people ;

-A “School of municipal energy management in school” was founded ;

-The largest festival of ecological awareness was organized for the “Greenfest” youth ;

-A collection of trainings was complied to provide energy education in schools ; 

-A co-working was created for the community activists, where they got the chance to work on social projects ;

-A voluntary movement was activated, with approximately 50 volunteers ;



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