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2016-11-10 | The International Day of Energy Efficiency

On November 09 the president of  “Yeghvard” Youth Ecological NGO Sirarpi Manyan and president of “Tapan” Eco-Club and  consultant of CLEEN project in Armenia Hrant Sargsyan were guests in one of the Armenian leading TV channels.  

 The president of “Yeghvard” NGO was representing the CLEEN project and was telling about the activities that the organization was implementing in frame of CLEEN 2016 project. Sirarpi mentioned that the project is realizing in 4 countries: Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova by several NGOs. During the discussion, the broadcaster highlighted that even in some cases the government and the local authorities are telling that the grant projects are not realizing normally and are not effected but in this case the NGOs are doing really great job even though they are just informing people about the possibilities and opportunities of Armenia for alternative energy.

 The adviser of CLEEN project and president of “Tapan” NGO Mr. Sargsyan talked about the aims and objectives of the CLEEN network and gave some advises how people can save energy in their houses.

 Mr. Sargsyan mentioned also about the international day of energy efficiency which was established during the SPARE international project. It is celebrating in more then 7-8 countries by organizing events, flesh mobs, seminars, trainings and meetings.

 In the end of an interesting discussion Sirarpi gave presents to broadcasters the publications and pen printed during the CLEEN project: 




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