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2016-11-07 | CLEEN evaluation meeting: Alone you go faster, together you go further!

CLEEN, making local grass roots organisations stronger in cooperating with local authorities on energy efficiency issues

October 20-21 2016 a CLEEN partner meeting took place in the village Slavske close to Lviv, Ukraine, with CLEEN partners looking back at the project results so far, and looking forward by starting to plan activities for 2017.The friendly and warm atmosphere encountered during team meeting, and strong commitment of all team members working till late in the evening made these two meeting days a big success.

 Looking back:
One of the main goals of the project has been to make local grass roots organisations stronger, and to encourage them in cooperating with local authorities especially on energy efficiency issues.  1,5 year after the project start we have seen that the project is good on track to get it done. CLEEN members have been very active locally, and have achieved so far quite a few visible results.

Our future plans:
A further step in cooperating on energy efficiency will be set in 2017:  besides 15 grants for CLEEN members, there will be 15 small seeds grants for civil initiatives and NGO’s: so small organizations and groups can try out small scale projects aiming promotion of energy efficiency, budget analysis, as well as advocacy and lobbying at local level. A call for proposals will be announced at the beginning of 2017.

On our way to become a strong network:
CLEEN network members are active not only implementing their own projects, but also in actively cooperating with other network members: organizing joint trainings, events, and implementing joint projects.

An international networking meeting has been planned for all four countries involved (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) to give the project a further boost:  Alone you go faster, together you go further!!!


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