September 26 - World sea day

October 4 - World animal protection day

October 6 - World day for the protection of habitats

October 27 - International day without paper

October 31 - International day of the Black Sea

2016-11-04 | October meetings with Georgian youth


On October 13, 2016, within the project "CLEEN" - a meeting was held with students of the N 9th public school. In the framework of the meeting, they were provided with information on climate change and its possible consequences. An animated movie was shown about "Climate Change." The students were actively involved in the discussion concerning the human impact on the environmental damage caused. Pupils were given project booklets and informational materials.



On October 14-15, 2016, within the project "CLEEN" - meeting was held with students of Akaki Tsereteli State University, faculthy of Electrical Engineering.


The first day of the training was dedicated to give the information to the parcipiants about the energy efficiency, the climate change and also to the work in the groupe My energy efficient house."

The second day was full of practical work. Students built by thier own lamps working on solar panel. In the end of the day we speak with them about the egreemant of city Mayors and aboute the importance of The role of volunteerism.


Students for Energy Efficiency: "One of the participants of our training, Beka Lekveishvili , shared his creations, which independently researched after our working meeting. It should be noted, that he technically developed the light, after which he made it more practical. Thank you for Beka, such creativity and activeness!"


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