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2016-10-12 | Monitoring and shootings in Akhuryan and Mets Mantash villages

In this autumn sunny days Yeghvard NGO is actively working on the CLEEN 2016 project. This period was for the implementation of monitoring and shootings.

The project team was implementing the monitoring about the level of awareness in Akhuryan and Mets Mantash villages. By using a survey method, we discovered what kind of local and international projects have been implemented in 2 communities of Shirak region about energy efficiency issues. The survey and discussions with the people of the villages was productive and interesting and now we have statistics about level of awareness of 2 villages of Shirak Region. Now we are analyzing and summing up the results of the survey. After the monitoring the project team started to make the shootings for the informative video clips. We had an interviews with the experts, who are responsible persons in this field and who had done a lot of local and international projects about energy efficiency, as well as we had an interviews with majors, active youngsters from Akhuryan and Mets Mantash villages.


Now the shootings are done and soon we will be ready to share with you with our informative video clips which will promote the energy saving projects and renewable energy usage mechanism. Through informative video clips information about advantages of energy efficiency and their effectiveness will be provided. Looking forward to share with you with our new activities.


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