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2016-10-12 | The project considered to be a long term one...

On 1st of August this year the Yeghvard Youth NGO with its partners started the implementation of the Project Cleen 2016 in Armenia.

The project is globally about Energy Efficiency, hence the promotion of this concept is among the priorities of the project.

«The project considered to be a long term one, and now we are on the second stage. During the last year within the framework of the project we started to investigate the possibilities of the development and prospects of renewable energy here in Armenia, moreover we carried out a comprehensive monitoring in order to find out whether people living here are informed about this concept or are they informed about the benefits that they could have been reached if they installed energy efficiency systems instead of traditional ones. It is worthy to say that the results were much more interesting»,- speaking about the project remarks the President of the Yeghvard NGO Sirarpi Manyan.

For the implementation of the project in Armenia were chosen to communities in Shirak region, which regarding to various estimations has the best conditions from the point of view development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Much of the work already have been done. According to it, on the ground of public opinion surveys in targeted regions, the project team prepared several informative videos with statistics and graphics, which are supposed to be promoted among the population in order to raise the awareness about the Energy Efficiency and to convince them become users of Energy Efficiency Systems. The training courses and consultations on this matter is still coming.

Speaking about the Cleen Network Team and Partners within it, the Armenian team always stress, that this opportunity is undeniably important for Armenia, as far as during this short period there are very tangible results: people already started to have into consideration the fact, that renewable energy systems have no alternative.


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