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June 5 - World environment day

June 5 - Ecologist's day

June 6 - International day for the purification of water bodies

June 8 - World oceans day

June 15 - World wind day

2018-02-21 | CLEEN Success stories fromUkraine

Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club (Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine)

For three years Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club has participated in the CLEEN network, and have formed a social platform at the local level, which has united active experts in the area of energy efficiency.

2018-01-04 | CLEEN Happy New Year Greetings

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas from our all international CLEEN family! May the upcoming year will be filled with joy, excitement and balance with the Nature.

New month.

New beginning.

New mindset.

New focus.

New start.

New intentions.

New results.

Happy new Year!

2017-11-17 | Fishes will „heal“ the Blue Lake

On the 11th of November, 2017, the ecological organization “Voice of Nature” initiated the action “Let’s bring life back to Blue Lake”. 263 kg of young fish, small carp and silver carp, were put into the lake to counteract its overgrowing with algae. The representatives of publicity, business and science took part in the action.

Fish will help the lake to become cleaner

2017-11-09 | Pupils flashmob for a sustainable community

The last steps were done for the Project of CLEEN 2017 in the district of Mets Mantash.

A fleshmob was done with pupils, in which 28 pupils from The High School of Mets Mantash, and also 18 pupils from high classes of Tsaghkahovit district participated, which made a good cooperation among that districts.



Pupils were asking questions with big interests about the t-shirts which was given to them. As we were mean, in the middle of Mets Mantash there was an informational signboard, which saw the villagers. The same sighboard was given to the School of the disctrict. About more than 50 people took part in project, and a big amount of people was interested in it.

So the Project was a good ice-breaker for people so that they got an information about energy saving.

Author: Sirarpi Manyan,

President of "Yeghvard" youth ecologycal NGO

2017-11-08 | Energy efficiency for the pristine capital of Georgia

The NGO Gamarjoba (Tbilisi), the initiative group Mtiuli (the village of Bevreti) and the municipality of Mtskheta agreed сoncern cooperate on sustainable development, energy efficiency and clean energy. The signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation was held within the framework of the CLEEN project.

From the municipality side agreement was signed by the Head of Mtskheta Municipality (‘gamgebeli’) Zurab Abesadze.
The Mtskheta municipality includes more than 70 localities. Including the world-famous place of pilgrimage and tourism - the city of Mtskheta, several hard-to-reach villages, which are given the status of “high mountains”. Among them is the "lost" village in the mountains of the village of Bevreti, whose initiative group of inhabitants became the winner of the CLEEN mini-grant competition with the energy efficiency project.
"Mtskheta municipality is a unique territory. The ancient capital of Georgia, close to the modern capital. Every tourist who comes to Georgia does not pass Mtskheta. - says Olga Podosenova, NGO "Gamarjoba". - At the same time, there are hard-to-reach mountain areas where there is as yet no water and gas supply, and some even electricity".

 "The village of Bevreti is a picturesque place in the mountains 20 km from Tbilisi. Here is the famous monastery, where thousands of pilgrims come. - says Nino Mchedlidze, the initiative group "Mtiuli". - But our village is hard to reach: a bad road, there is no water supply, electricity was conducted only a year ago, and in winter people heat the houses with wood. Now it's the 21st century. It's time to change something in our life. "

"The issues of energy supply in the region are closely linked to the problem of energy efficiency, and the potential in this area is huge,- head of Mtskheta municipality Nugzar Khukhunaishvili. said - In this regard, we are very interested in working together with NGO and community".

The Memorandum of Cooperation is intended to "provide the basis for cooperation between the public and the municipality in matters of energy efficiency, renewable and sustainable development of the territory."
Together the agreement participants plan to start developing policies and implementing programs for energy efficiency and sustainable development of the territory, and also to promote demonstration and pilot projects in this area, including in the field of ecological tourism.


Olga Podosenova, NGO "Gamarjoba",

Phone number: +995579087918,

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2017-11-05 | CLEEN statement in regards to COP23

CLEEN statement in regards to COP23

CLEEN network unites 28 local CSOs in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. It supports and develops the efforts of non-government organizations in Eastern Europe and Caucasus who work out the issues of energy efficiency and locally resist climate changes.

Our past activity shows that local authorities in our countries can play the leading role in reducing emissions and adjusting to climate change as well as gaining the goals of sustainable development (SDGs). Examples of local breakthrough implementations in our countries supported by local policy prove this. Yet, there can be done much more. So, the network appeals to the governments and authorities of FCCC countries to achieve ambitious goals and activities aimed to reduce emissions and adjust to the aftermath of climate change by:

  • Rendering help to communities in reducing emissions, achieved by private financing of energy efficiency issues and renewable energy sources.
  • Involving the smallest CSOs and local authorities in passing local and national resolutions concerning safe and sustainable practical experience in energy sector.
  • Recognition of local powers’ crucial role in bringing to life all national policies aimed to reducing the emissions and adjusting to climate changes and thus, elaboration of national policies with taking this fact into account.
  • Responsible and transparent choice of hopeful goals concerning reducing emissions, made by local powers with taking into account credible current data on the emissions.
  • Following the goals chosen and running the corresponding policy.
  • Adopting financially sponsored local political resolutions, programs, fiscal tools with a prolonged impact on reducing the emissions.
  • Giving up environmentally dangerous energy issues (nuclear power stations, big hydropowers, coal-powered stations), fossil fuel. A counteracting strategy – support of energy efficiency programs and renewable energy sources.
  • active interaction and cooperation of all the interested parties to find mutually beneficial solutions aimed to increase energy efficiency and sponsoring renewable energy sources.
  • searching, supporting, spreading the word and replicating successful local solutions on reducing the emissions.
  • Promoting experience exchange concerning the usage of ultimate existing implementations among local entities from the countries of Eastern partnership dealing with energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.
  • Deepening the competence of local stake holders concerning the climate change.
  • Fulfilling the commitments on reducing the emissions taken by the cities within the Mayors Agreement and urging new members to join.


Climate change is a global problem which threatens single settlements and big coutries as well. Only united and coordinated activities may help avoid disastrous aftermath and successfully overcome those already inescapable. 

2017-11-03 | CLEEN in Moldova run thermal imaging scheduling

On November, 1st, 2017, public library in village Dubesariy-Vek’, Kriulianski district (Moldova) hosted the concluding session within the micro-project “Well-informed man is a strong one”. The project stipulated the installation of four energy saving windows to increase energy efficiency of the building.
The session was visited by village mayor, other statesmen, leaders of cultural, social and educational institutions, representatives of CSO «Renaşterea Rurală» and US Peace Corps volunteer.
The activists suggested to help with energy inspections of buildings in the village.

The attendants agreed to choose social, cultural and educational public buildings in the village, which will be exposed to professional thermal imaging scheduling from 5 to 20.11.2017. It will help to spot “spendy” areas and do something to fix the situation.
This infrared scanning is free of charge.

Micro-project «Well-informed man is a strong one» relates to CLEEN-2017, the latter being carried out on regional level by republican juvenile center "Gutta Club". The project is sponsored by the EU and is being brought to life locally by CSO «Renaşterea Rurală».

To get more turn to:
Vladimir Ursu, Head of CSO «Renaşterea Rurală»,


2017-10-24 | CLEEN-news on energy efficiency from Ukraine

In Mykolayivs’ka region women are more interested in energy efficiency than men. 

Such a conclusion comes to mind if we look at the results of АЕР consulting within CLEEN project. During half a year 196 women and 78 men turned for help in winterizing flats and private apartments, thermal imaging scheduling, energy audits and “warm credits”. The participants of activities within the project were mostly women - 31 out of 47 total.

After we refreshed our material and technical resources with gas analyzer and candle power meter, we increased the number of issues we are able to consult on. We make test measurements of air characteristics and illuminance level for the customers to show them principles of functioning of these appliances and also to spread the word that we need to conserve energy properly. 

Turn for details to:

Sergey Trandafil, SPA "Economic support agency"

Voznesensk, str. Pushkinskaya, 3/35

2017-10-23 | «Соlaborare» helps to reduce energy spendings of social institutions

As a result of fruitful cooperation between АО «Соlaborare» and local authorities of first and second degree, in Yedinets district measures are taken to increase energy efficiency of social buildings. Thanks to National Energy Efficiency Fund in Family Physicians Center (Regional Clinic, Yedinets municipality) all the doors and windows were replaced, heat insulation of walls and roof is being done on all the five storeys.

Following the advices from А.О. «Соlaborare», Viyshoar mayor’s office, the partner of the project, have insulated the walls of kindergarten. Together with this, the SPA installed solar collector there, so that children could wash their faces with warm water and stay healthy.
Thanks to mini-grant won by А.О. «Соlaborare» all the building materials needed were provided to insulate the walls of dormitory of Young Women Theological Seminary-Lyceum in Yedinets municipality. This mini-grant have motivated the community members to collect their own financing for paying the qualified foremen and insulating all the dormitory walls.


These measures will help chiefs of institutions to reduce expenses for heating to 30-35 percent. And spared money may be directed to finance other energy efficiency issues.

А.О. «Соlaborare» President, Grigore Musteata

2017-10-17 | The CLEEN project ends, but joint activities continue

The CLEEN project for three years of activity led to the creation of a network of experienced public organizations involved in local energy policies, primarily energy efficiency. The organizations continue to work together by launching the first public assessment in Eastern Europe of action plans for sustainable energy development of cities.

On October 14-16, a meeting of the CLEEN network was held in Moldova. Representatives of 20 non-governmental organizations from Armenia, Germany, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine met to discuss the results of joint activities in the field of energy efficiency in their countries for three years.

During the meeting, activists discussed their achievements, shared success stories. Thus, during the duration of the project, the participants developed 3 action plans for sustainable energy development in the cities of Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe (Georgia), Uzhgorod (Ukraine). 27 publications on energy efficiency on environmental protection were developed and 19,400 copies were distributed. We established cooperation with 400 representatives of 44 communities from 4 countries. We conducted about 190 Skype-meetings with the international project team, discussing joint activities.

Also during the network meeting in Moddov, activists discussed the directions of future work. The set members launched a campaign to analyze action plans for sustainable energy development in cities. The document that defines the energy future of cities, prepared qualitatively and qualitatively implemented will help to save money from local budgets, create new jobs, reduce carbon emissions and improve the city's microclimate. Participation of experienced non-governmental organizations and their competent objective analysis of such a plan allows to take into account the wishes of city residents and to introduce advanced approaches to documents.

"The idea to create a network of young organizations that promote energy efficiency ideas at the local level and, in cooperation with the authorities, implement them, was laid in the CLEEN project (Energy Efficiency: coalition on the ground). Within this project, for three years we trained these organizations how to use energy efficiently in cities, how to analyze local budgets, how to cooperate with the authorities in matters of energy saving, acquainted them with the best energy practices and instruments of other countries, "comments Ilya Eremenko, coordinator of the CLEEN project in Ukraine.- We are very pleased that after the project is completed, the participants continue to work together, share their experiences with each other.In unity of energy consumption and climate conservation, unity, support and common priorities are needed now more than ever."

The activists of the network are open to cooperation in the work on energy and climate issues. After an internal networking meeting, they participated in the CAN EECA * conference to discuss possible joint activities.


* CLEEN is a three-year EU project with the aim of creating a partnership of civil society organizations in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The project focuses on improving energy efficiency and saving energy resources, as well as increasing the accountability of local and national authorities on this issue. The project was coordinated by the NGOs Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF), EcoClub, SDCA and Gutta Club.

* The SEAP is a key document in the field of energy in those cities that are participants in the initiative of the Agreement of Measures. The plan outlines the commitments undertaken by the signatory of the Agreement on the reduction of energy consumption and mitigation of climate change. Also, it is planned what actions are planned and how they will be implemented.

* CAN EECA - Climatic network of the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. The network was created to develop common positions and coordinate the work of environmental organizations before and during the UN international climate negotiations. 41 NGOs are members of the CAN EECA network.

2017-09-19 | Questionnaires and monitoring in Mets Mantash village

Mets Mantash village is one of the northern villages of Shirak region that is having cold weather almost 9 months during the year. Taking into consideration the population has never had an opportunity to participate in projects that can help them with small advices how to build energy effeciency houses in the village and how to save energy saving money and recourses during these 9 months.

«Yeghvard» Youth Ecological NGO, Youth Energy Club of Mantash in corporation with «Development of human resouces of Aragatsotn region» is realizing CLEEN project in Mets Mantash village. The first activity of the project was questionaries that have been spread through all village and got information about the level of knowledge of the people how to save energy and start to think and calculate how much money they are spending for their houses. The members of Youth energy club were in the village filling the questionnaires in schools, hospitals, municipality, kindergardens and privat houses. The questionnaires were filling even just citizens who were interested what project is being implemented in the village. The results and analizes of questionnaires will be developed by the members of Youth Energy club and will be presented during reporting period.

Sirarpi Manyan,

President of "Yeghvard" youth ecologycal NGO

More photos:


2017-08-31 | Launch of the project in Mets Mantash

And the start of our project in Mets Mantash is done. The head of the project Suzanna Petrosyan have met with the interested people , major and city council of Mets Mantash. Suzanna has represented the project activities and the plane of realization in the village. The representatives of different sphere express their willingness to be part of the project and get involved in the activities of the project.

The representatives of schools, kindergarten and hospitals were motivated and ready to be part of the project. The youth energy club has started their work in the village and the preparation of the project activities.

It should be mentions that the project has been selected by Armenian sub-grants as the winner of seed grant announced by «Yeghvard» Youth Ecological NGO. 

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the Mets Mantash population about energy efficiency organizing round table discussions, meetings with city council, seminar in schools, hospitals and interested people in the village. During the project the team members of the project will have an action month in the village involving local authorities of the village. The project will promote CLEEN network aim and activities.

Sirarpi Manyan,

President of "Yeghvard" youth ecologycal NGO



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